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Convert CAD models into navigable 3D
environments in three easy steps!

Revizto Editor converts BIM and CAD models into lightweight navigable 3D environments
that can be shared with anyone for viewing and real time collaboration.

  Windows only



Import files from Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Trimble Sketchup or any program that exports FBX. Revizto converts them in a matter of minutes, and preserves BIM object data from Revit.



Once your model is in Revizto you can edit the environment settings such as sun position and skybox, natural and artificial lighting and edit materials and textures. Even custom materials created in Revit can be imported into Revizto.



After you complete the editing you can publish the entire scene to the Revizto Workspace. Invite the others to view or collaborate, or share the project publicly on the Revizto Gallery.

Works with Revit, SketchUp,3Ds Max, AutoCAD, Maya, ArchiCAD and other CAD systems that support FBX export.



Place markers anywhere at the 3D scene. A chat thread attached to every marker enables you to collaborate with the others, ask questions and provide feedback. You can also attach .jpg, .png or .pdf files to markers.

Edit object’s data

Make any changes in object’s data you need: edit, add, remove and sort fields. Also you can insert clickable web links. All the changes will be saved even if you re-export the project.


3D Sketch mode

Avoid distracting details while working with project at concept stage; 3D sketch mode allows you to introduce first ideas clearly. You just need to adjust the width of lines and the tint of sketch.

Familiar and handy navigation

For your convenience, there are four different modes of navigation in Revizto. Try Revit mode or Sketchup mode, if you want to pan, orbit and zoom in/out the scene the way you’re use to in professional modeling packages. Hybrid mode combines these professional navigation features. Video Game mode allows to move within the model with WASD keys and is very popular among the non-experts. Revizto also supports 3dconnexion devices.


Optimize Meshes and Edit Materials

3D geometry is optimized after conversion to decrease polygon count. The Material Editor allows you to edit and create custom materials with bump maps and apply them to any object or scene.

  • Automatic conversion of 2D trees and plants from Revit into highly optimized 3D foliage.
  • Automatic polygon optimization with adjustable quality settings for fast real-time rendering on any computer or tablet.
  • Custom color background or skybox panorama, including standard photo panoramas.
  • Custom materials from Revit, SketchUp and FBX files are preserved. A Material Editor lets you create your own materials.

Edit Lighting and Bake Light Maps

The Lighting Editor lets you create natural and artificial light sources with adjustable parameters to create striking effects. You control the lightmap calculation to optimize for speed and quality to best suit your project.

  • Create and edit light sources individually or in groups. Edit interior lighting, including projectors and proxy light sources.
  • Adjust light source placement, intensity, color temperature, direction, and distribution.
  • Bake Light Maps with different quality settings.
  • Control the location, date and time for accurate daytime or nighttime illumination, with control over sun and moon visibility.

View 3D on any device or browser

Revizto Viewers work on any device - PC, Mac, iPad, Android Tablet - and in any browser


Click on "Glass House" project to the left to experience Revizto in your browser!

Video Tutorials


Export from Revit


Export from SketchUp


Revizto Viewer


Revizto Workspace

System requirements

GPU: Shaders 3.0, OpenGL 2.1 with MRT (Multiple Render Targets), 256Mb Graphic RAM

CPU: Core 2 Duo

OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, DirectX 9.0, Autodesk Revit 2012 or newer, Trimble SketchUp 8 or newer

RAM: 2 Gb

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD 6870 or higher, latest drivers, 512Mb Graphic RAM

CPU: Multiple core (using for light map calculations)

OS: Windows 7, 8 64-bit, latest DirectX, Autodesk Revit 2014 or newer, Trimble SketchUp 2013 or newer

RAM: 8 Gb