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COSAPI: Revizto facilitates communication between stakeholders to make better decisions for all parties involved

02 Mar, 2016

To BIM or not to BIM? This unresolved dilemma has been present in the global AEC market for over ten years... Still, many AEC firms have not yet transitioned to the process and others, once they have, aren’t always certain whether they’re using it to their best advantage. But this is not the case with the Peruvian company, COSAPI. Cosapi made a full commitment to BIM long ago and has experienced all of its advantages. The Revizto software which was carefully integrated to Cosapi’s BIM workflows has added extra value to their engineering practice.

COSAPI company, headquartered in Lima, with over 50 years in the Latin America market, provides engineering and construction services, mining services, infrastructure concessions business and real estate development. Cosapi is the second largest engineering and construction firm in Peru, according to America Economia.

We asked Raul Eyzaguirre Vela, Cosapi's BIM Coordinator, to share with us his experience and tell us about the benefits Cosapi gains from implementing Revizto into their project workflows.

I first learned about Revizto from our external consultant. He showed us how they were coordinating with Revizto, but not in a collaborative way.

I understood what an amazing cloud-based collaboration tool it is when I gave it a try myself. There are several things that impressed me most about Revizto and that pushed my decision to bring it to our business. First, it has a super friendly, intuitive interface and navigates fast through a 3D model… Indeed, Revizto is so simple to use that even non-experts can easily work with it. Some of the engineers who we work with have a lot of experience working with the traditional process coordination, so using Revizto is not a radical change for them.

In Peru, most of the contractors, including COSAPI, that use BIM in their processes, work principally in Revit and Navisworks. Knowing that Revizto is fully compatible with these programs, Revizto was therefore a good option for us, definitely. We’ve been using Revizto for some time now and we have definitely found a good synergy between these tools.

Actually, Revizto has lots of useful features. The features we use the most are Section cut, working with object data and camera share.

And, of course, the Issue Tracker! To date the Issue Tracker is our number one tool in terms of collaboration and project coordination. We are using it heavily in our recent project “Clínica Internacional Sede Surco” in Lima, and we're happy with the results.

Basically we have a large versatile team involved in the project, such as BIM coordinator, COSAPI MEP specialists, architects, MEP designer, supervision, sanitary subcontractor, mechanical subcontractor, lighting subcontractor and electrical subcontractor. With Revizto’s Issue Tracker, not only are we all on the same page, but also we all share the same vision of the project. Sharing the model with all the participants guarantees us that everyone knows exactly how the project is going to be executed.

We increased the effectiveness of our workflow and communication with our internal and external clients immensely. We do not have to send email anymore for every RFI. We just identify the issue and assign it to a specialist. And every week Revizto automatically send us an issue report.

As a result, we are able to coordinate the project in less time and with much more certainty and confidence. Revizto facilitates the communication between stakeholders in order to make better decisions for all parties involved.