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Interview with Judd Kidman, Senior BIM Specialist, Glumac

04 Jun, 2018

Interview with Judd Kidman, Senior BIM Specialist, Glumac

Few days ago we’ve had an interview with one of our clients - Judd Kidman, Senior BIM Specialist in Glumac Company – and here is his feedback about Revizto.

What obstacles would have prevented you from buying Revizto?

"Convincing upper management that it was needed. By doing the trial we created a jaw-dropping presentation and they were sold. Also, the usability of the program. Although a lot of it is intuitive, one thing that would be helpful is to preload generic materials into the project for architecture, like Revizto does with water and grass."

What did you find as a result of buying Revizto? 

"Before, I was experimenting with other gaming engines like Sandbox Editor for Crysis, and the Unity Editor. But there were challenges with each of these: model cleanup, materials needing to be translated and file size bottlenecks. Having a one-click gaming engine export in Revizto is a huge advantage, because I'm able to quickly export, try different things and export it again."

What specific feature did you like most about Revizto? 

"The lighting and materials. As an engineering firm we do a lot of lighting design. While Revizto is not a perfectly accurate representation, we are able to see how a light in a space looks, for example how a spotlight washes on a wall. Revizto is really key to feeling the layout and placement of lighting, it really helps bring the design to life."

What other benefits are there? 

"Marketing. I like being able to show off a design in a conference with an architect or owner. It lets us show our prowess in a way that we can get owner feedback and buy in. Second, to show the validity of our designs. In CAD you can't necessarily see what something will look like; in Revit you can see a representation but it's cartoony. Revizto shows it in a way that justifies the design for the client."

Would you recommend this product, and if so, why?

"Absolutely. Because its a quick and simple way to bring your 3D modeling to life. In our work we spend so much time getting everything right in the 3D model. Why not show it off? Revizto lets us show our work with realism."

Is there anything you’d like to add?

"I joke about it, but having a machine gun and a rocket launcher and being able to play in a multi-player environment. Nerds like me would love to be able to do that. It would just be a blast! Another thing that could be nice is animations, like steam coming off of a unit, doors opening and closing, things that would help with the sense of realism."


Image courtesy of Glumac.