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Revizto 4.0 Open Beta is finally here!

14 Apr, 2016

We’re super-excited to invite you to get a first look at the groundbreaking Revizto 4.0. Our Open Beta officially kicks off today!

Revizto v4.0 Beta delivers:

  • All-new Markups.
  • The ability to import 2D Sheets directly into Revizto, even without a model. A 3D scene is no longer required to export the project. And 4.0 supports PDF sheets!
  • Redesigned pipeline. Revizto Editor is no longer an essential part of the workflow. All project sharing and management can be done from Revizto Viewer.
  • Improved merge and sync.
  • Export scheduler. Set up automatic daily or weekly exports to Revizto, to keep everybody in the project on the same page.

With all of these incredible enhancements, we really need to get some extra eyes on our 4.0 Open Beta.

We can’t wait to hear what you think! Please feel free to share your feedback on the Revizto 4.0 Beta Forum.

We love working on a new version with you guys. It’s so much fun, and the Revizto community is always incredibly supportive. Thank you all so much for your patience. We hope you’ll love Revizto 4.0!