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Contractors Adopting Tech Product Called Revizto

07 Apr, 2016

New technology allows GCs and subs to review building information modeling from engineers and architects.

Many are asking, “what’s behind the advance in Revizto technology?” The answer: video games. It's true. Gaming technology allows walls and ceilings contractors and installers to easily view and navigate through 3-D replicas of their projects to find key info on materials and methods. BIM is inherently unwieldy and hard to use—but products like Revizto streamline the data, making it easy for all construction team members to use it. This is transforming the use of BIM, making it accessible and more valuable, and it also works for CAD.

Using video-game and cloud technology, the developers have created what many are calling "the best visual collaboration tool for AEC project teams." Basically, it converts BIM and CAD models into "lightweight, navigable 3D environments" that are easy for anyone to use. These BIM and CAD models are fully-rendered 3D models. Revizto is a simple, easy-to-use tool that improves communication of design ideas to clients and other stakeholders, who can navigate through the model themselves, just like in a video game. Revizto is compatible with virtual reality platforms like Oculus, making demonstrations fully immersive.

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