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Collaboration corner: Revizto’s HQ in Switzerland

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In this episode of Rhys Lewis’s ‘collaboration corner’, Revizto meets with clients and colleagues at its HQ in Switzerland

This episode of collaboration corner begins with Rhys Lewis landing in Lausanne, Switzerland where he prepares to meet with clients and colleagues to share best practices and listen to what clients want from Revizto’s BIM integrated collaboration platform over the next 6-24 months.

Lewis is initially joined by local client, Jean Slavik whose public transport company in Freiburg has been using Revizto for almost a year. Commenting on its use of Revizto, Slavik said: “It’s very easy to use and for us it was very interesting to improve our comprehension of our projects.”

‘Everybody can now check, not just the specialist’

Later on, Lewis is joined by Enrico Ferraro, CEO of Ferraro and ‘heavy Revizto user’.

Ferraro said: “One of the best Revizto releases of the last few years is the introduction of search sets because we had a lot of projects where people would say ‘we don’t have a solidarity licence, so we can’t check our IFC files in our offering models’. Now everybody who is involved in the project can do the check up and create rules.”

Ferraro goes on to describe how Revizto’s technology helped improve the quality checking for the local university hospital project.

Bringing interactive technology to the AEC market

Finally, we meet Revizto CEO Arman Gukasyan, who talks about the company’s success over the past 18 months.

Gukasyan said: “The philosophy that we have hasn’t changed since 2008. Right from the beginning our philosophy was to bring the interactive technologies to the AEC world to change the way people interact with the models.

“We wanted to bring an interactive gaming technology into the serious world and this is what we call ‘gamification’.”

He added: “We have so much coming in the next 2-3 months.”

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Collaboration corner: Revizto’s HQ in Switzerland In this episode of Rhys Lewis’s ‘collaboration corner’, Revizto meets with clients and colleagues at its HQ in Switzerland 2021-11-30
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