Revizto Editor

Convert BIM and CAD models into navigable 3D and share it for visual collaboration

Revizto Editor includes export plugins for Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and SketchUp, which bring your design projects to navigable data-rich 3D environment. It converts BIM/CAD models in a matter of minutes, preserving all BIM object data and MEP.

In Revizto Editor you can share the resulted model in multiple different ways, either through the cloud-based Revizto Workspace or like a project file. Ultimately, Revizto Editor creates the model for Revizto Viewer, where it is further reviewed and explored for further collaboration. You can optionally fine-tune the model in Revizto Editor: edit materials, lighting, object data, and optimize geometry.

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Revizto Editor is free, you pay only for cloud collaboration services if needed.

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Enhance your project with Revizto features!

Export 2D Sheets

You can choose and export 2D Sheets from your original model (Revit, Navisworks and ArchiCAD) that will be available for further viewing in the Viewer.

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Merge Scenes

With a merging tool in Revizto Editor you can put together different parts of a project or several models to create a full scene of the entire project.

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Cloud Sync / Collaboration tool

Cloud Revizto projects can be easily synchronized after each model update in the original program. All project team members will receive the updated model automatically.

Optimize Geometry

Optimize the geometry of your model to improve its performance. Automatic polygon optimization has adjustable quality settings for fast real-time rendering on any computer or tablet.

Edit Lighting

You can create striking illumination effects by baking up the light maps. Control the location, date and time and adjust light source parameters for accurate daytime or nighttime illumination, with control over sun and moon visibility.

Edit Materials

Export custom materials from CAD or create new ones in Revizto. Handy material editor keeps it simple.

More features

Work with Object Data

Make any changes in object’s BIM data: add, remove and sort fields, insert additional information. All the changes will be saved even if you re-export the project. This information will be available in the Viewer.

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Sketch Mode

Avoid distracting details while working with project at concept stage: 3D sketch mode allows you to introduce first ideas clearly. You just need to adjust the width of lines and the tint of sketch.

Publish 3D on your own website
/ Collaboration tool

Embed Revizto WebGL Viewer with your project on your own website or social media via Revizto Editor. No need for additional plug-in to view it.


Make your project recognized! Brand it with a logo by adding a Watermark. It will be visible in Revizto Viewer and web version of your project.

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System requirements


OS: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, DirectX 9.0

CPU: Core 2 Duo

GPU: Shaders 3.0, OpenGL 2.1 with MRT (Multiple Render Targets), 256Mb Graphic RAM

RAM: 2 Gb

OS: Win 7, 8, 10 64-bit, latest DirectX

CPU: Multiple core (using for light map calculations)

GPU: Nvidia GTX 560 or AMD 6870 or higher, latest drivers, 512Mb Graphic RAM

RAM: 16 Gb