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NewsOctober 1, 2020
View Ranges and Revizto, What’s The Big Deal?
Lewis Guy, Captain Awesome and Implementation Service Manager Never Overlook the Fundamentals From 2007 until 2017, I spent pretty much every day of my working life inside a Revit model. I loved it, and I...
Revizto Champion AECOM Tishman
Case StudiesOctober 1, 2020
A BIMspirational Woman – AECOM Tishman’s Kirsten Crock
Kirsten Crock knows a few things about leveraging technology to execute large scale projects. Throughout the past 10-years, Kirsten has been an Architectural Designer and BIM Manager, and is currently the Design Technology Coordinator for...
WebinarsOctober 1, 2020
The VDC Workflow Evolution with Revizto 5.0
Date: October 20, 2020 at 12:00PM CST Duration:  30 minutes We will run through a real life issue workflow from creation to solution and walk through, at a high level, how Revizto’s new features can...
NewsSeptember 28, 2020
BIM from the Beginning
David Gomez, Implementation Service Manager – Construction BIM is the beginning, middle and end. Project teams typically gain exposure to coordinated models in one of a few siloed options, from trade clash meetings, simple viewers,...
WebinarsSeptember 21, 2020
Project Lifecycle
Date: September 29, 2020 at 12:00PM CST Duration:  45 minutes In this webinar, we will be talking about the project lifecycle and how establishing proper communication channels for all stakeholders earlier on in a project...
RevUpSeptember 17, 2020
RevizTO the Rescue, Fast!
Date: September 24, 2020 at 11:00AM GMT+1 Duration:  1 hour Revizto’s Rhys Lewis will chair this session “RevizTO the Rescue, Fast!”, with presentations from ISG’s Yoanna Ruseva and ARC:BIM’s Conor Hyde. ISG: Fast Paced Coordination...
Revizto Champion SteelToe Consulting
Case StudiesSeptember 15, 2020
Technology Adoption is a Lifestyle: Jonathan Marsh
A true champion of technology.  For over two decades, Jonathan Marsh has been an innovator in the AEC Industry. An industry commonly labelled as “a step behind” with regards to technology, Jonathan has not just...
NewsSeptember 10, 2020
AEC Magazine: Revizto 5.0 Preview
Greg Corke takes a sneak peek at the forthcoming release of the easy to use collaboration tool which now puts BIM object data at the heart of the issue tracking process In a crowd of...
Digital EventsSeptember 1, 2020
Travel and Power in Revizto
Date: September 8, 2020 at 11:00AM GMT+1 Duration:  1 hour Revizto’s Rhys Lewis will chair this session “Travel and Power in Revizto”, with presentations from RHDHV’s Casey Rutland, Toby Wilcox, and Prague Airport’s Daniel Smejkal....
NewsAugust 31, 2020
Breaking Down Walls: The New Age of Communication
Travis Althouse, Implementation Service Manager – MEP It’s time to stop pretending trade knowledge isn’t crucial to everything we build. All too often, construction projects get completely derailed by a broken, hard, selective system of...
NewsAugust 27, 2020
Revizto 5 Open Beta is released ahead of full version expected Q4, 2020
Today Revizto announced the 5 Open Beta release, the company’s most robust and innovative release to date.  The much anticipated 5 release contains multiple industry-first features including object-based navigation, “Google-like” data search abilities within the...
NewsAugust 26, 2020
Check out some of the main Revizto 5 feature overview
Reverse Search Set Simple Search Navigation Tracking Objects in Issue Applying Visual Changes Favorites and Tooltipst Area Based Searches Object-Based Navigation Loading and Unloading Links Units and Transform Custom Properties Multistamping and Tracking Mass Changes/Issues/Tasks...