Revizto Viewer

Present your project and collaborate with the team in real time

Revizto Viewer allows to explore the project on each stage of its development and effectively communicate on it with the team and clients. It helps to reduce mistakes and misunderstandings in the team during BIM workflow, keeping everyone on the same page.

With its super friendly and intuitive interface the app is so simple in use that even non-expert users find it easy to work with.

Revizto Viewer opens the resulting model (prior created and shared in Revizto Editor) on any platform (PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets) and enables users to navigate through the scene like in Revit, SketchUp, Navisworks or a video game.

The key real-time presentation and collaboration tools, such as integrated issue tracker and camera share, allow everyone involved in the project to collaborate effectively within the team.

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Revizto Viewer app is free, you pay only for collaboration features.

Available for PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets

Communicate effectively via sophisticated Revizto tools

2D Sheets

You can view the list of 2D Sheets from Revit. Open, explore and create a mark-up issue of any sheet. Use combined view to get better understanding of a model: simply overlay any 2D sheet on top of your 3D model.

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Object's data

All Revit object properties are preserved. You can get detailed information about an object just by clicking on it. If you make an object transparent, you can click at objects behind as well.

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Issue Tracker / Collaboration tool

With a built-in issue tracking system you can follow-up the whole collaboration process: assign tasks and check their accomplishment, as well as generate regular reports. While in the field just make a photo by mobile camera and attach to a marker right away. Revizto allows to work with Issue Tracker inside the Revit and supports export/import of BCF files. It also allows to import directly clashes from Navisworks and turns them into issues to be tracked further.

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Viewpoints and Section Cuts

Viewpoints allow you to save any spot in the scene of your model for navigation and presentation purposes. Each viewpoint can also contain individually configured Section cut in a plain and box view. All Viewpoints existing in the original model (in Revit, Navisworks or SketchUp) will be automatically exported to Revizto as well. The Viewpoints created within the Viewer also contain category visibility and transparency settings.

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2D map and levels

With 2D map you’ll never get lost even in complex models. Refer to 2D map when you want to define a certain position in a plan. Select this point, click on it and you’ll be immediately teleported to this spot in your 3D model. Within 2D map you can also switch between levels and see the grids on top of it.

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Camera Sharing / Collaboration tool

Demonstrate your project to teammates and clients from your angle! Invite them to an online tour: be sure they see exactly what you want them to see. Smooth 3D session in real-time with no delays and freezing will bring your coordination within your multiple locations to a true seamless experience.

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More features

Oculus Support

View and explore your architectural project in a truly immersive virtual reality! It’s so easy! No need additional software to hook up with Oculus. Just plug in the hardware to your computer and run Revizto Viewer – Revizto models will be seen automatically and ready to explore.

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Measure any distance in the scene. Easy-to-use laser ruler provides two types of measuring: surface to surface and point to point, both include XYZ coordinates.

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Videos with sound

Record videos and capture a voice-over as you navigate in the 3D scene. Videos can be uploaded to Revizto Workspace or saved as MOV or AVI files on the local device.

System requirements


GPU: Shaders 3.0

RAM: 1 Gb


Screen Size: 7-inch or higher

OS: Android 4.0

CPU/GPU: Nvidia Tegra 3

OS: OSX 10.7 Lion

GPU: Shaders 3.0

RAM: 1 Gb

OS: iOS 7

CPU/GPU: iPad 3.0

OS: Win 7, 8, 10 64-bit, latest DirectX

GPU: Nvidia GTX 560 or AMD 6870 or higher, latest drivers, 512Mb Graphic RAM


Screen Size: 7-inch or higher

OS: Android 5

Device: Top Android tablets

OS: OSX 10.10 Yosemite

GPU: Dedicated graphics

RAM: 8 Gb

OS: iOS 9

CPU/GPU: iPad Air 2 or better