Revizto для строителей

На этапах «проектирование-строительство», «помощь в проектировании», при проведении экспертизы технологичности строительства, согласований и совещаний «на объекте» ни одна мелочь не останется без внимания. Revizto объединяет все данные и чертежи, подкрепленные возможностью обмениваться мгновенными сообщениями, что помогает кардинально ускорить решение возникающих проблем на всех этапах строительства.

Внедряйте BIM-технологии. Повысьте качество управления проектом.

Отслеживайте прогресс откуда угодно
Держите дела под контролем, оставаясь в графике. Следите за ходом работ на объекте и получайте доступ к проектной информации откуда угодно, с любого компьютера или планшета.
Оптимизируйте взаимодействие
Упрощайте перемещение проектных данных и их демонстрацию на протяжении всего проекта. Оптимизируйте взаимодействие и коммуникацию с большими командами.
Минимизируйте ручные процессы
Автоматизируйте все, что можно автоматизировать. Например, такие трудоемкие задачи, как создание отчетов и версий файлов, передачу моделей. Сосредоточьтесь на более важных делах.

Новости и Медиа

WebinarsDecember 15, 2020
Revizto 5 New Features Demo
Date: December 17, 2020 at 1:00PM EST Duration:  45 minutes In this session Brett Settles, Global Head of Customer Success at Revizto and BIM/VCD technology expert will uncover and review all the new features of...
NewsNovember 10, 2020
Join Revizto at Autodesk University 2020 Online!
Join us for Autodesk University 2020 Online!  The global digital AU 2020 is days away! This year it’s all online and FREE to register. We hope to see you there! Connect to Revizto team! From 17th...
WebinarsOctober 1, 2020
The VDC Workflow Evolution with Revizto 5.0
Date: October 20, 2020 at 12:00PM CST Duration:  30 minutes We will run through a real life issue workflow from creation to solution and walk through, at a high level, how Revizto’s new features can...
WebinarsSeptember 21, 2020
Project Lifecycle
Date: September 29, 2020 at 12:00PM CST Duration:  45 minutes In this webinar, we will be talking about the project lifecycle and how establishing proper communication channels for all stakeholders earlier on in a project...
RevUpSeptember 21, 2020
RevizTO the Rescue, Fast!
Date: September 24, 2020 at 11:00AM GMT+1 Duration:  1 hour Revizto’s Rhys Lewis will chair this session “RevizTO the Rescue, Fast!”, with presentations from ISG’s Yoanna Ruseva and ARC:BIM’s Conor Hyde. ISG: Fast Paced Coordination...
PressSeptember 14, 2020
AEC Magazine: Revizto 5.0 Preview
Greg Corke takes a sneak peek at the forthcoming release of the easy to use collaboration tool which now puts BIM object data at the heart of the issue tracking process In a crowd of...
NewsSeptember 9, 2020
Revizto-COVID Response
Dear Valued Customer, The current global pandemic is impacting the way we live, work and thrive. During these uncertain times all of us here at Revizto are concerned about the safety and well-being of our...
AECnext logo
PressSeptember 9, 2020
Democratizing BIM for the AEC industry
What basic problems are you solving with your software? If you look at the discombobulation of communications of the construction industry—on some projects they’re using Google Drive Drobox, Navisworks, text messages and screen shots from...
BIM+ logo
PressSeptember 9, 2020
Gamification of BIM and robot dogs inspecting construction sites
Rhys Lewis, business development director, UKMEA & Europe, at software developer Revizto, highlights three key takeaways from last week’s NXT BLD conference in London. Gamification of BIM Revizto, EPIC GAMES, UNREAL, Varjo, Enscape, NVIDIA were...
BIM+ logo
PressSeptember 9, 2020
Q&A: Skanska Building’s Peter Jones - Embracing gaming tech, data collection and digital twins
Skanska is at the forefront of exploring new technology across all aspects of the building process. Denise Chevin finds out how its technical director Peter Jones is harnessing gaming technology for bids, analysing data to...
PressSeptember 9, 2020
BIM from Home
Author: Balázs Szilágyi, Senior BIM Consultant | Körös Consult Kft. The international situation forces many of us to work from home. To be accomplished in this physically isolated state, digital communication is instantly appreciated. This...
Digital EventsSeptember 9, 2020
Revizto for Highways Infrastructure projects
Date: September 17, 2020 at 1:00PM ETDuration:  45 minutes This webinar will look at how Revizto can be used to manage Civil Engineering and Infrastructure design projects. Chris Andrew from AECOM will showcase how Revizto...
Строители - Revizto Effective and accurate communication throughout all construction phases is key to getting your project through the finish line within timelines and budgets. Revizto eliminates communication problems traditionally associated with ill-prepared coordination meetings and managing complex technology stacks. 2020-11-25
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