The installer of Revizto gives the following errors: "To run this application you first must install one of the following versions of the .NET Framework: V4.0.30319" or "The application failed to initialize properly"

You need to install .Net framework of version 4.0 on your computer.

I can’t open RVT / NWD / DWG / SKP / etc. file in Revizto Viewer

You should install full Revizto package. Revizto Viewer can show only files of Revizto format. You can export your files to Revizto using our plugins for Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, SketchUp and ArchiCAD. Please read this article for more information.

Revizto Viewer for iPad shuts down while opening a model

This problem is caused by the lack of RAM needed for Revizto. This is a known issue for iPad 2 and iPad mini (1st gen), cause they only have 512 Mb of RAM. You can try to close all working apps before launching Revizto Viewer (by double-tapping home button and closing all of the appeared apps - for iOS 7: swipe up all the screenshots of the running apps; for iOS 6: hold on any icon of the bottom area for a couple of seconds and then start clicking on red minuses).

We recommend using Revizto Viewer on iPad 3 or newer.

Some of the objects/surfaces are missing after export to Revizto

Most likely it is caused by one-sided materials with the wrong direction of normals. In Revizto Editor, fly around the place where the missing surface should be located. If you are able to see it from the back – click on it, and inside the appeared material settings window click the "Double Sided" button.

My model is shown in Revizto Viewer but I can't move around

By default Revizto has navigation like in a video game. Use W,A,S,D or arrow keys to move. Hold right mouse button and move the mouse to turn your virtual head. Hold shift button to speed up.

Alternatively, you change change navigation mode to be like in Revit, SketchUp, or to be Hybrid in settings.

What ports should be opened to allow Revizto work correctly?

The list of ports used by different Revizto Tools:

  • Revizto Installer: 80
  • Revizto Editor: 80, 443, 8080
  • Revizto Viewer: 80, 443

I wanted to download Revizto Viewer on my Android phone, but it says that it is incompatible. Why?

Revizto Viewer supports only devices with 7-inch screen or bigger. Otherwise the interface would look too small.

Fly/Walk button in the Viewer is disabled?

In the Editor, when you do Optimizations, you can turn collisions off. That will disable walk mode for the optimized project.

How can I upload the project directly to the iPad instead of getting projects from the Сloud?

You can add projects to Revizto Viewer on iPad via iTunes. When your iPad is connected, go to Apps tab, choose Revizto Viewer and drop desired projects there.

Revizto crashes upon opening any file or project

Make sure that you have the latest graphics driver installed on your system. Driver coming with Windows Update may not be sufficient, so check the website of the manufacturer of your graphics card (or laptop).

I have installed Revizto but I have no add-in tab within Revit

The most probable reason is that you have Revit LT. Unfortunately, Revit LT doesn’t support 3rd party add-ins, so you can’t use Revizto with it directly. The only solution is to export Revit LT project to FBX format, and then import FBX in Revizto Editor.

I made a custom material with leaves texture, but texture background is not transparent in Revizto. Is there any way to correct this?

In Material Settings, select "Opacity mask" option and control background transparency with "Cutout value" slider.

Where can I find the files of my Revizto projects?

All Revizto projects are stored in Revizto working folder. By default it is located here: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vizerra\". To change working folder, go to the Settings -> Change working folder.

Does Revizto read linked Revit projects?

Yes. Revizto reads linked projects from Autodesk® Revit. Any user who uses the linked project and converts into Revizto it will pick up all the linked parts of the project and displays that as one combined project in the 3D interactive world.

I can not synchronize with the Cloud

  1. Make sure that your PC clock is correctly set and synchronized with Internet clock. If it is not, please, set your clock to the correct time.
  2. Check out your Internet connection, it may be faulty.

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