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Revizto trae todo un nuevo nivel de intuitividad que permite a usuarios simplificar la complejidad de la industria AEC.

Using gaming technology and cloud solutions, Revizto brings together various BIM and CAD data to track all project issues in one centralized 3D environment. The Revizto platform is intuitive, easy-to-learn and adaptable to BIM workflows. With Revizto, BIM implementation is streamlined, allowing teams to speak a common language and share a single window into all project information.


Comparte inmediatamente tu BIM data con las partes interesadas.


Transmite tu diseño de forma precisa como si ya estuviese construido.


Identifica, haz un seguimiento y soluciona problemas durante todas las fases del ciclo de vida de un proyecto.

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Civil 3D



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Luke Johnson BIM Technology Leader of Virtual Built
"Revizto 4.0 is what the BIM industry has been waiting for... It is a mature, multiplatform issue tracking solution that can connect to your existing workflows and give real context to all of your model related communication. It is the best and most well integrated solution of its kind."
Steven Rowland Architect, White Arkitekter AB
"Can't wait to start using Revizto 4.0! The enthusiasm and dedication of your team is really apparent and contagious. All I have to say is SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"
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Judd Kidman Senior BIM Specialist in Glumac
"It's a quick and simple way to bring your 3D modeling to life... Revizto lets us show our work with realism."
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Melissa Thiessens BIM Manager at GSBS
"Revizto proved to be useful on projects with large sites and multiple buildings. The ease of exporting the models out for a quick fly through is awesome."
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William Ruffenach Digital Design Specialist in Gensler
"Totally digging this software! It has already helped us win over 4 clients as well as make internal coordination with PM's a breeze."

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