Durleigh Water Treatment Works – Igloo aids coordination for Aecom

Estudios de casoOctober 27, 2019
Client: Wessex Water

Lead Contractor: Wessex Engineering and Construction Services

BIM Tools: Revizto, Igloo Shared VR cylinder, Revit, Plant 3D

A major upgrade to the treatment works, located near Bridgewater in Somerset, will triple capacity to safeguard the local potable water supply and address issues over deteriorating raw water quality, including the presence of pesticides and manganese.

All the existing structures at the north end of the site will be demolished including an admin building, a dissolved air flotation (DAF) plant and sand filters. A new main treatment building will replace these with processes for DAF and rapid gravity filters, manganese filters, and a new low lift pumping station.

Aecom was appointed as one of six-tier one design capital delivery partners to complete the detailed design and produce a Level 2 BIM model.

James Leverton, digital solutions lead for water ports & power at Aecom, told BIM+: “Level 2 BIM was required mainly due to the complexity of the site, where there are numerous existing underground services that had to be modelled. It is Durleigh’s flagship scheme, their project manager was very clued up and saw it as the right thing to do.”

The 3D model was visualised in an Igloo shared virtual reality system, a 6.5 meter-diameter cylinder erected inside a disused building on site that enabled up to 12 team members at a time to walk around the scheme and carry out design review meetings.