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GlossaryJune 8, 2023
15 Best Architecture Apps for Android
Introduction Planning, designing, and overseeing building construction has been a longstanding profession throughout human history. Skilled artisans initially carried it out during medieval times and eventually evolved into what we now know as “architects.” The...
GlossaryApril 28, 2023
The Definition of 5D BIM and its Benefits to the Industry
The definition of BIM Additionally, BIM allows for the creation of highly detailed and accurate 3D models that not only showcase the appearance of the building but also include important information about various aspects of...
GlossaryApril 6, 2023
Examples of Best Architecture Apps for PC
Architecture apps have evolved significantly in recent years, despite being around for a while already. It’s fair to say that most architectural software was originally designed for Windows PCs. While that trend is starting to...
GlossaryMarch 28, 2023
Onsite Building Construction Management Basics
The definition of onsite construction Onsite construction, as a term, is relatively simple and self-explanatory – it is a vast array of operations performed at the physical location of the construction project, be it before...
GlossaryFebruary 17, 2023
BIM Use Cases at Different Phases of Construction Process
As a technology and a process, BIM, or Building Information Management, has already earned a lot of respect from various players in the construction industry, showcasing the massive number of advantages it can offer. It...
GlossaryFebruary 13, 2023
VR for Navisworks, Revit and other construction management software
Introduction to construction, management software and VR Construction is an incredibly complicated field of work in general. Every single construction process has hundreds of different construction-related processes that must be realized (in a specific order,...
GlossaryJanuary 31, 2023
What is Digital Construction and How Digital Technologies in Construction Improve Productivity?
Introduction to digital architecture and construction Digital construction may seem like a relatively obvious term at first glance. What’s surprising here is how broad this term is and the fact that no definition of digital...
GlossaryJanuary 20, 2023
As Built Documentation: Definition, Meaning and Usecases
Introduction The basic definition of as-built documentation can be derived from its name with relative ease – it is a set of documents (either a drawing or a 3D data set) showcasing the building in...
GlossaryJanuary 19, 2023
What is BIM Methodology? BIM Method Advantages & Disadvantages
Introduction Construction as a whole is a rather complicated process. It was complicated several hundred years ago, and it is even more complicated now, with so many additional elements that have to be in every...
GlossaryJune 15, 2022
Revit Alternatives and Competitors in 2022
Overview In a relatively new industry of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, Revit is a well-known competitor that is the most suitable for various tasks in the field of architectural design. It can be...
GlossaryJanuary 24, 2022
What is Navisworks? Differences Between Revit and Navisworks.
Introduction to Navisworks Autodesk has been around for a while now and has established itself as one of the top BIM/CAD software providers on the market. There are plenty of different Autodesk solutions right now,...
GlossaryJanuary 13, 2022
Revit Add Ins, Add Ons, and Plugins for Many Purposes
A BIM platform like Revit is a handy tool that helps with a wide variety of tasks for MEP engineers, architects, contractors, designers, etc. However, it’s also not the most convenient and user-friendly software in...