Drive Efficiencies Throughout the Entire Project Lifecycle

An Integrated Collaboration Platform (ICP) platform to get your project teams in-sync from day one.

Seamless Collaboration with a Single Source of Truth

Architecture and Design

Simplify Design Review

Allow architects to access and review their intelligent BIM data and documents easily.

Minimize Human Error

Ensure more accurate final deliverables by centralizing issues and redline markups while tracking them through completion.

Enable Real-Time Feedback

Empower all users to actively participate and contribute in real-time.


Access Anywhere

Centralize 2D, 3D and BIM Data and share versions across teams. Collaborate from on-site to in-office, online or offline, and from any device.

Improve Accountability

Quickly view and monitor changes. Easily create issues or stamps (predefined tasks) and track progress through real-time dashboards.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Offer team members a user-friendly platform that empowers them to actively contribute regardless of skill level.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)

Simplify Knowledge Transfer

Create a culture of cross-team collaboration from the shot, to BIM, to construction.

Minimize Gated Activities

Improve project timelines and minimize change orders by giving team members instant, real-time access to updated designs.

Identify Clashes Earlier On

Enable teams to identify clashes earlier on by ensuring more accurate data and real-time model accuracy.

Facility Management

Simplify Site Maintenance

Leverage intelligent data and models from the database to easily delegate and track on-site maintenance

Improve Client Satisfaction

Allow FM to more accurately visualize the project earlier on to ensure the building matches the client’s expectations.

Empower Facilities Management

Give Facility Management easy access to essential data and models to minimize information gaps.


Reality Capture

Simplified Communication

Automate the communication and distribution of scans and eliminate the traditionally manual, time-consuming process.

Model and Data Combo View

Easily present critical data alongside models in a single view and see scans and meshes side-by-side.

Streamlined Decision Making

Enable your team to make decisions quickly and more confidently by giving contextually connecting data and models.

Open Formats

Open BIM

Easily collaborate and report on projects while utilizing and adhering to open BIM requirements

Simple Data Migration

Easily migrate data from across your tech stack from one technology to another.

Centralized Review

Connect your models and data from across your tech stack into Revizto to centrally manage and review.