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- Who is a collaborator?

A Collaborator is a person who is involved in any Revizto activities, such as viewing, issue tracking and content creation.

- How many projects can I upload to the cloud for collaboration?

The number of projects you can upload to the cloud is equal to the number of collaborators in your plan.

- Who can work on my cloud projects?

Only collaborators can view or edit your cloud projects. These are unique collaborators. For example, you can have one person invited to multiple projects.

- What collaboration features are included?

The main collaboration tool is Revizto Issue Tracker. It gives you the ability to create tasks, perform markups, and assign issues to collaborators. This is a cloud service, so users will get instant notifications. In addition to Revizto, you will also see those issues in Revit, Navisworks and AutoCad. Camera Share is an additional collaborative functionality within Revizto. This tool gives users the ability to have remote coordination meetings, sharing your view to others live in real-time.