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The easiest way to collaborate with your project team on any device along the whole building lifecycle
by sharing your BIM and CAD models with one click.

Explore and manage your building projects in 3D

Visual collaboration helps you make better decisions before, during and after construction

Hotel Marriott Courtyard Santiago, Coordina Bim Consulting and BIM Studio, Chile

This is not a game anymore!

Meet the grown up Revizto 3

Hotel Marriott Courtyard Santiago, Coordina Bim Consulting and BIM Studio, Chile

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Revizto platform consists of


Revizto Editor

Converts Revit, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Navisworks and other CAD models into lightweight navigable 3D environments that can be shared with anyone via the Revizto Workspace.


Revizto Workspace

A cloud-based repository for storing and sharing Revizto scenes with anyone using a free Revizto Viewer.


Free Revizto Viewer

Lets you view and collaborate on Revizto scenes. Free Viewers are available for PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablets and web browsers.


Latest News

21 Jan, 2015

Aaron Maller: Revizto has universally changed the way we do projects

What happens when the languages spoken by the experts in one industry don’t match the languages spoken by those in another? That’s the question Aaron Maller, BIM Manager of The Beck Group faced, as his team took on Design and Construction of a New Patient Tower.

20 Jan, 2015

Thanks to Revizto our clients can take strategic decisions in a short time

The Chilean company BIM Studio found out that up-to-date digital visualization of processes that are occurring at the field help them to better meet clients’ needs. There’s a lot of things their clients appreciate about Revizto, including an opportunity to comprehend the project better and keep up with the project’s progress.

14 Jan, 2015

Kicking off the year with the new Revizto 3.1

Still amazed with 3.0 and its hit Issue Tracker? Awesome! This is what we are aiming for - to make Revizto better and better for you. And we are thrilled to start the year and offer you more improved version with some new features.