Integration von Feldteams in VDC-Bemühungen mithilfe von Revizto

FallstudienMay 16, 2019
Hill & Wilkinson is a $400m General Contractor in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. The firm has broad diversity in the markets they serve and dedicated divisions that tailor their services for specific project types. Teamwork, problem-solving, shared values and a commitment to quality are key traits at Hill & Wilkinson. The company continues to grow, and continued investment into technologies has helped drive efficiency and improve their coordination processes. The Revizto team spoke with VDC project manager, Steven Brown, to find out how Revizto is providing H&W with another string to its bow. Currently, Steven produces functional building models and fosters coordination between Hill & Wilkinson’s field team, the BIM/VDC office team, subcontractors, and designers. He ensures everyone is in-sync as they work together with the same goal in mind. Throughout this process, Steven began using Revizto in his daily workflow, and things changed for him. Here’s his story…

Integration von Feldteams in VDC-Bemühungen mithilfe von Revizto Hill & amp; Wilkinson ist ein 400 Millionen US-Dollar teurer Generalunternehmer in der Metropolregion Dallas-Fort Worth. Das Unternehmen verfügt über eine breite Vielfalt in den Märkten, die es bedient, und 2019-05-16
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