News January 21, 2022
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2021 Revizto Collaborators of the Year Awards

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What a year it was!

Every year the global Revizto Team votes on the most innovative teams and projects from the previous year. Twelve awards are given out to showcase the tremendous, collaborative efforts made to accomplish some truly outstanding projects – projects that inspire us going into the next year! Though 2021 has brought on a landslide of challenges; teams adapted. Here are this year’s winners!

2021 Awards and Winners

Best Construction Workflow – North America (Marc Seaver, Director of MEP/VDC – Wise Construction)

Wise Construction, based out of Massachusetts, specializes in occupied space projects which make up 95% of their work.

Wise’s BIM VDC Department, led by Marc, includes multiple 3D Lidar Scanners, cameras, and software packages which they employ in different capacities to provide the best use of visualization to all stakeholders in virtual 3D, they can easily understand space constraints. Their goal is to provide the tools necessary to Prefab up to 100% of MEPs confidently and Revizto is at the forefront of their processes. Marc has the unique challenge of working on projects that move quickly and must go smoothly for owners that include some of the top healthcare providers and biotech companies in the world. Collaboration is key to his team’s success.

To me, collaboration means that all parties understand the problem issues, where decisions must be made from all angles. As such, solutions are found with confidence, and systems can be Prefabbed off-site and simply assembled on-site without issue. We can move on knowing it will all fit as everyone intended, even the decision-makers uninitiated with any of the BIM processes.

Marc Seaver
Director of MEP/VDC

The VDC team has implemented a standard Revizto workflow that is plugged in easily on each project and proven to streamline the coordination process. Marc has not been afraid of making changes to the old way of doing things and has been empowering project team members and trades to be more inclusive in the process, resulting in better project delivery. For this, Marc won 2021’s Best Construction Workflow for North America.

For more about Wise Construction visit

Best Healthcare Project (Cole Milberger, Senior VDC Engineer – Turner)

Cole Milberger is the Senior VDC Engineer for Turner Construction for their Nashville Office and takes the lead on improving work/coordination efforts. One of his team’s biggest challenges in 2020-2021 was integrating new technology with legacy staff while balancing the remote work life.

His team has a handful of 25+ story buildings coming up in 2022 and they recently oversaw the Saint Thomas Midtown Surgery Expansion, an incredibly complex $100,000,000 medical project. Cole led the implementation of Revizto throughout the entire project enabling all stakeholders to use the point cloud in Revizto without having to download the file in a separate place. His leadership in helping his team adapt while not impacting the quality of the deliverables led to him winning the Best Healthcare Project for 2021.

Collaboration is a team that is fully in the know, using the same tools with the same workflows to accomplish one goal.

Cole Milberger
Senior VDC Engineer

Cole fully built the Revizto project with point clouds, capturing city blocks of the hospitals existing campus and bringing the trades on smoothly through a well-executed plan of training – having them communicate and quickly solving precoordinated items while developing a new standard of trade engagement for Turner Nashville. The quick adoption and immediate benefits local leadership identified through Saint Thomas Midtown has made Revizto a software standard on many future Turner Nashville projects. With Revizto+ and Clash Automation released, Cole was an early Alpha adopter and wasted no time in identifying the new Turner standard in clash coordination in just a few short weeks, thus continuing Turner Nashville’s reputation of being the most innovative team nationally.

Cole’s Top 3 tips for 2022

  1. Make sure all of your trades are modeling their whole scope of work
  2. Make sure all of the trades you need to model are bought out for modeling.
  3. Train a Revizto champion on every project you use Revizto on.

For more about Turner, visit

Best Infrastructure Project (Chris Andrew, Principal Engineer – AECOM, UK)

Chris Andrew has been in the AEC business for well over two decades; spending the greater portion of the last decade at AECOM in the UK. He is currently the Principal Engineer – Digital and spearheading 2 Projects, leading Interdisciplinary Reviews, setting Digital Strategy for the projects and guiding Discipline Teams through BIM.

Collaboration to me means teams working together to complete a design efficiently as possible.

Chris Andrew
Principal Engineer

Chris is known as one of the most innovative technology users out there, both internally and externally and is always pushing the boundaries and adapting his workflows to be as automated and efficient as possible.  The projects he manages are generally large and complex but he finds a way to make them accessible to all of the project stakeholders by leveraging Revizto.

Chris’s Top 3 tips for 2022

  1. Navigation, specifically on Infrastructure which is generally large. The key is to use Maximum Navigation Setting or a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse.
  2. Stamps – Define them in advance
  3. Search Sets – Define in advance, I based ours on National Highways Volume Strategy

His recent work on the A38 Derby Junctions, Grade Separation of three junctions on the A38 and a Link Road between the M54 J1 and M6 J11 in West Midlands landed him the Collaborators of the Year – Best Infrastructure Project of 2021.

For more about AECOM UK, visit

Most Innovative Contractor – North America (Federico Pensa, BIM/VDC Director – Magil Construction)

Federico Pensa is a near 10-year AEC industry vet with a heavy focus on BIM/VDC. He currently sits as the BIM/VDC Director for Magil Construction where he oversees R&D activity, technology adoption, innovation within the company and ensuring the high quality of the BIM deliverables to the client.

Pursuing more Design-Build contracts was a new goal for his new in 2021, which required a higher involvement in the design phase and consequently, a broader mandate within the project team to adapt our well-established workflows and practices. Pursuing the adoption of new technology was needed. Luckily, Federico and his Magil Team continue to push the limits on the use of technology on their projects – as there probably isn’t a software that they haven’t at least peeked at.

His use of technology such as Augmented Reality on-site, drones and Revizto helped him get teams more involved the MEP design and coordination phase and has led to him winning the 2021 Most Innovative Contractor for North America.

As a construction management company, a proper collaboration is the cornerstone of a successful project.

Federico Pensa
BIM/VDC Director

Pensa is currently working on the new HEC downtown Montreal Pavilion, a BIM project with 7D deliverables in a highly densified area with complex MEP and intricate designs. The project team adopted Revizto for a better way to collaborate and communicate leading to a substantial reduction of issues and reworks and an improved work environment.

For more about Magil, visit

Most Innovative Engineer (Maximilian Jositz, BIM Manager for SI-TEC GmbH)

Maximilian Jositz is the current BIM Manager for SI-TEC GmbH. SI-TEC has been providing services in engineering and CAD/CAE plant design since 2007. Maximilian is currently supervising as to the overall BIM coordinator and BIM quality manager for a 100+ people project team. The project is a chemical industry project with a volume of around 200 million Swiss Francs.

For me collaboration first means one thing: understanding. Understanding of the challenges of the other contractors, understanding of the specific challenges that come along with each project and understanding of the challenges of the building itself. From this point you`re well prepared to find reasonable solutions and work together effectively aiming for successful project execution.

Maximilian Jositz
BIM Manager

The COVID-19 crisis was for them, as for everybody, a big challenge. By adopting new tools like Revizto they were able to adapt to the new working setup and collaborate from home in a very intuitive and easy way, making sure, that the quality and efficiency of their work was not negatively affected by the pandemic. His leadership and innovation throughout this period earned him the Most Innovative Engineer for 2021.

Maximilian Top Tips for 2022:

  1. Revizto+/ Clash Automation: Work on two monitors, one side the clash automation (and others like properties as needed), on the other side the 3D view with the selected clashes.
  2. Tagging multiple objects at once with custom tags: While doing so, close windows like the object tree to speed up the process by preventing loading time.
  3. Use the reverse search function in combination with colour and/or transparency to easily visualize certain parts of the model, e.g., the recirculation part of a piping system.

For more about SI-TEC GmbH visit

Top of the Trades (Jose Samaniego, Field Applications Development Manager – Rosendin Electric)

Jose Samaniego is the BIM Technology Solutions Development Lead for Rosendin Electric. The role of his team is to research and develop new technology that can be beneficial to not only their BIM department but to his company as a whole.

One of his biggest challenges this past year was better issues tracking, where they later used Revizto to further develop their internal tracking system – creating a standard for all BIM and coordination projects. The key to his team’s success is their ability to work together and effectively communicate issues and/or improvements to our process and workflow. His leadership this past year has led to his winning of  2021’s Top of the Trades Award.

Collaboration means getting together with your peers and working together to solve issues and make the project move as efficiently as possible.

Jose Samaniego
Field Applications Development Manager

Jose’s Top Tips for 2022:

  1. Utilizing the issue tracker as a way to track an assignment to completion.
  2. Never stop researching for newer and better ways to do things.
  3. If you are not sure if something can be done try doing it anyways. You would be surprised how many times what you think is just a dream can sometimes be a reality if you were to only try.

For more about Rosendin visit

Most Innovative Use of Revizto (Adam Tindall, BIM Manager – Assemble Limited)

Adam Tindall is the BIM Manager for Assemble Limited in Auckland, New Zealand. Assemble is a partnership of highly skilled hands-on individuals, delivering BIM management to the construction industry and have strong, highly collaborative working relationships with our clients – most of whom enjoy pushing the creative and technical boundaries. Their reputation is built upon both innovative thinking and absolute certainty of delivery.

His role as a BIM manager covers a vast range of project types and scales with key responsibilities in the management and delivery of the full project life cycle on mid to large-scale projects. Part of his role is also in researching and developing workflows to enhance increased efficiency for projects. His team has always focused on being agile and leveraging technology to enable and improve productivity while working remotely, and even more so with the impact of the Pandemic, disruptions on-site, and to the office environment.

Through this, Adam designed a process of object data checking through Revizto 5 features and handed over an As-Built model to the client with complete accuracy and instantly usable data sets – earning himself the 202 Most Innovative Use of Revizto Award.

Collaboration Implies – To work together with others to achieve a common goal. Collaboration is fundamental to the BIM process. The essence of BIM implementation is a collaborative working process between all teams throughout the life cycle of a construction project to ensure a successful outcome.

Adam Tindall
BIM Manager

Adams top tips of advice for 2022:

  1. Build and maintain collaborative working relationships.
  2. Push technology to the limits.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

For more about Assemble Limited visit

Collaborator of the Year Award (Moritz Mombour, Senior Expert – Drees & Sommer SE)

Moritz Mombour is a Senior Expert, Building Performance – Integrated Design at Drees & Sommer SE, the leading European consulting, planning and project management enterprise. Moritz supports interdisciplinary project teams to maximize the utilization of model-based coordination applications throughout the whole project cycle. His teams` primary task is to develop robust and flexible cross-application workflows and digital standards in consultation with all parties involved. Their ability to innovate and create these digital standards has been beneficial for every team and organization that they have worked with. This is one of the reasons why Moritz and his team have won the “Collaborator of the Year Award”, one of the most respectable awards around the globe.

Efficient collaboration benefits everyone. The impact of their work and expertise has a true trickle-down effect across the entire AEC industry. One of the most notable is their clash workflow between Navisworks and Revizto – and in essence, delivers significant input for recently released Revizto+ Clash Automation.

We continuously take users’ perspective and consider their role in specific tasks to establish model-based coordination as an integral part of our everyday work. Coordination results need to be accessible, well-structured and easy to understand for everyone involved.

Moritz Mombour
Senior Expert

As participants of the Revizto+ Closed Beta test group, Moritz and his team had the opportunity to shape the product from a user’s point of view. With their in-depth expertise in cross-application workflows, the Revizto team can directly credit some of the innovative updates in Revizto+ to the team at Drees & Sommer.

Communication is the key to understanding the needs of each project team member. Collaboration means putting the project in focus and developing common solutions as a team. The main aspects in this process are teamwork, fairness and transparency.

Moritz Mombour
Senior Expert

Here are Moritz’ top tips for 2022:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Change perspective
  3. Always prepare for the unexpected

BIMspirational Woman Award (Abbey Mumford, Integrated Construction Manager – Mortenson)

Abbey Mumford is the Integrated Construction Manager a Mortenson, a U.S.-based, top-20 builder, developer, and engineering services provider serving the commercial, institutional, and energy sectors.

She currently manages a VDC team of 5, working on an approximately $700M data center with 17+ teams and 60+ BIM team members. This team oversees the MEP BIM coordination, 4D modeling, and laser scanning of almost the entire building, supporting enclosure coordination, prefabrication efforts, site logistics, live utility, 360 photo documentation, and various visualizations. 

One of Abbey’s biggest challenges throughout the past year has been getting the updated model into everybody’s hands and using it daily to support their activities and scopes of work. By adopting Revizto on the project, she has taken it upon herself to build reports, dashboards, and implement workflows that add insight and bring office and field teams the information they need and empowering the team to make better, faster decisions to keep the project on track.

Collaboration is communicating in multiple ways quickly and effectively to get answers you need while including all stakeholders.

Abbey Mumford
Integrated Construction Manager

Here are Abbey’s top two tips for 2022:

  1. Use viewpoints!
  2. A little bit of follow up with team members goes a long way.

Most Innovative Contractor – Global (Kier Digital Team – Kier Construction)

Kier is a leading UK construction and infrastructure services company that provides specialist design and build services with the purpose of sustainably delivering infrastructure projects which are vital to the UK.

Kier is driving a “Digital by Default” program that is helping to transform how the business collaborates, and Revizto is playing a key role. As this year’s Collaborators of the Year, Most Innovative Contractor (Global), it is no surprise that collaboration is one of Kier’s three organisational values and this was key for Kier during the software evaluation process.

The Kier digital team works under the guidance of their head of digital construction and is made up of expert BIM and Information Managers and Co-ordinators.

With so many options in the marketplace, finding and evaluating the most suitable collaboration software was a key focus for us in 2021.

Louise Dawes

This team is delivering work within the Digital by Default Programme which includes reviewing our software applications across our estate to modernise, standardise and consolidate our technology use.

Implementing Revizto has enabled collaboration between all our stakeholders. Collaboration makes us more efficient, allowing project teams to coordinate in the 3D space and with associated 2D drawings, and in a managed environment. The key is creating a collaborative working environment for all stakeholders which creates measurable benefits to the whole team.

Russell Baker

Design teams and subcontractors have embraced the implementation of the Revizto software, projects have their models scheduled to automatically upload to the Revizto platform on a weekly basis, which helps to streamline the process. The main file format that is being exported from the authoring tools into Revizto is Revit, and IFC. On the £65m Fitzalan High School project, models that currently make up the Project Information Model are federated from the Architect, Structural Engineer, M&E Engineer, Sprinkler System Designer, M&E Subcontractor, Steel Fabricator, SFS Contractor, Swimming Pool Designer, and the Kitchen Designer.

Here are the top three benefits Kier has gained from using Revizto on the Fitzalan project:

  1. Increased Client engagement and satisfaction via visualization and mobile access
  2. Improved productivity for the whole team
  3. Improved quality via accessible, correct information

Coolest Project Design (Belmont Beach Aquatic Center, HED, RoTo Architects, and Hastings+Chivetta Architects)

The Belmont Beach & Aquatics Center is an $85 Million 65,000 sq. ft civic facility in Long Beach. The city of Long Beach commissioned the team, a collaboration between HED (architect of record), Roto Architects (design architect), and Hastings + Chivetta (aquatics facilities architect), to design and construct an outdoor pool complex. It includes two 12,320-sf. 50m pools, 4,560 sf. recreation pool, 1,000 sf. teaching pool, 500 sf. spa, 5,660 sf. diving well, and spray garden, 1,555 permanent seats, 15,181 sf pool facilities building with locker rooms, offices, food concessions, changing rooms, and storage rooms. The Center is surrounded by 141,558 sf. hardscaped open space, passive park area, and public restrooms. 

Team Contributors:

HED Team
Brent Miller, Principal
Kevin Shibata, Project Manager
Duane Fisher, Senior Architect
Katherine Cong, Project Architect
Nicole Buhles, Practice Technology Leader

RoTo Team:
Michael Rotondi, Principal
Nels Long, Lead Designer & Project Manager
John Osborne, Senior Design
Raul Casillas, Senior Designer
Jose Vargas, Designer
Javier del Risco, Designer

HC Team:
Erik Kocher, Principal
Carl Drafall, Project Manager
Gary Wehmeier, Architect
Mark Keane, Architect
CJ Follmer, Associate BIM Manager

The location for this Natatorium is an iconic site where the city meets the sea.

A significant challenge has been at the clients’ request, to create a series of indoor-outdoor spaces filled with daylight. We were asked to revitalize and enhance communal life with an urban public space surrounding the new facility and fronting the beach, to honor aquatics, beach life, and sailing.

The client also requested a memorable iconic experience and Architecture for both community recreation and competitive aquatic sports. The qualities of lightness and weight, grandeur and intimacy, processional, and meandering, formal and informal, practical and poetic are intended to be materialized and experienced in the Architecture.

​The design includes a lightweight and long-span structure made with ETFE, a polymer pneumatic skin that can vary from transparent to opaque, controlling daylight and heat gain. 

The design of the project which was led by Michael Rotondi with coordination and support by Nels Long began in 2014. Over the years, the project responded to numerous challenges resulting in the balanced design being proposed today. 

This project is possible because of the amazing team put together by HED which covers every aspect of project expertise including aquatics, advanced structures and fabric systems, landscape, public art, signage, and many more. 

Coordinating the design of such a complex project with so many contributors required a special set of tools. With over 40 distributed collaborators, the project utilizes Revizto for a single source of truth to deliver world-class design. For the early design phases of the project, HED, Hastings + Chivetta Architects, and Roto Architects jointly facilitated utilization of the Revizto application to support the fast-paced design phases. The application enables real-time technical reviews and coordination with issue tracking and clash coordination features. The team looks forward to bringing the design to fruition in the coming year.

Collaboration means building a coalition and maximizing the brain trust on any given project to achieve excellence. It requires everyone bring their full intelligence, a willingness to learn, and confidence to surmount any ambiguity and ultimately deliver.

Nicole Buhles

Nicole’s Top 3 Tips for 2022

  1. Plan, Do, Check, Act
  2. The only constant is change. Be open to adapt.
  3. Keep it human.

Best Construction Workflow – EMEA (Mike Robinson, BIM Manager – BES Ltd)

Mike Robinson is the BIM Manager at BES Ltd, and the winner of the Best Construction Workflow for EMEA. BES Ltd is a Design & Build Company of multi-disciplined designers where he manages the information and data across the project lifecycles. 

While thoroughly understanding the benefits of BIM and how it impacts data quality, one of Mikes biggest challenges of 2021 was implementing BIM across the Teams. Mike is constantly working to adopt technology to support his team and improve communication and workflows.

Communication is key to everything that we do. Following the correct standards and delivering projects to the correct level of detail to prevent wasting time/money.

Mike Robinson
BIM Manager

His expertise in implementing software to advance BES workflows continuously helps push his team to be on the leading edge and enables them to create their projects in the most efficient way possible. While Mike is a leader in his team, he is also a huge contributor to Revizto – giving tremendous amounts of feedback that challenges our team to improve the software.

Collaboration means having teams which communicate / feedback information constantly to achieve a common goal of delivering a project as economically as possible and to the highest quality.

Mike Robinson
BIM Manager

Best Airport Project (O’Hare Global Terminal – Jeff Kocinski, Digital Deliver Manager, Studio ORD)

The O’Hare Global Terminal (OGT), a project led by the joint venture composed of Studio Gang, SCB, Corgan, Milhouse Engineering & Construction, and STLarchitects, adds a new state-of-the-art terminal to an existing, functioning airport campus. This size, scale, and complexity of the project requires seamless and efficient coordination and collaboration of over many firms spanning diverse architecture, engineering, and construction disciplines.

As Digital Delivery Manager for the project, Jeff Kocinski leads the design team’s efforts to implement the client’s BIM standards and to develop innovative effective approaches that enable to delivery of a digital twin of the OGT upon its completion. This has involved early design coordination, the creation of model update workflows, review of design and stamp workflows, and review of Revizto+ clash workflows.

Revizto has allowed my team to review our modeling progress, while tracking issues to be solved, and at the same time share our models with the client.

Jeff Kocinski
Digital Delivery Manager

Jeff also worked directly with the Revizto team to train and implement Revizto within all the JV partners, further driving efficiencies and effective communication across the multi-disciplinary team.

Collaboration is open honest communication to arrive at the best solution quickly.

Jeff Kocinski
Digital Delivery Manager

Best Education Project (John Reinhardt, VDC Director, Flint Builders)

John Reinhardt is the VDC Director for Flint Builders in California. Flint’s in-house VDC department run by John, manages the modeling and coordination scope of projects from pursuit through construction.

One of John’s biggest challenges of 2021 was the growth of our in-house VDC expertise has proved challenging – particularly the influx of projects after initial covid-19 pandemic shutdowns was a significant challenge to take on. The growth and use of VDC within Flint Builders to improve efficiency and quality.

John’s adoption and implementation of technology has helped his team push through and come out on the otherside even better. John immediately saw the opportunity to use technology like Revizto on IPD projects closely with their local design firms in the San Jose area. 

San Jose City College – Career Education Building is a ground-up new Career Education Facility for San Jose City College. Currently still in the final phases of design. From day one throughout the design, his team leveraged Revizto to run clash detection, identify and track design topics, as well as perform constructability reviews. Revizto+ was recently introduced on this project and has allowed for a much simpler approach to clash detection. This has allowed for the team to simply clash and assign issues across the team without any delay in reporting. It has also streamlined the ability to fix issues in a prioritized manner.

Communication is always paramount to success and always has been for Flint and it’s partners.

John Reinhardt
VDC Director

Once, San Jose City College was awarded on IPD with design firm, Steinburg Hart, John wasted no time in setting up the Revizto project to begin communications between Flint Construction and Steinburg Hart for design assist, to deliver a clash free design model at handover. Both teams engaged heavily and succeeded expectations.

Here are John’s top two tips for 2022:

  1. Start utilizing tools like Revizto as early as possible on projects.
  2. Allocate a champion to help support all team members with the tech stack being used on projects.
  3. Attempt to use Revizto for as much as you can during design/construction. Chances are Revizto has the solution.

Collaborator of the Year Award – APAC (Jason Howden, Principal/Digital Innovation Leader, Warren and Mahoney)

Jason is always pushing the limits of what Revizto can do – leading to many of the improvements that get added to Revizto that directly support projects and AEC firms around the world. His wealth of experience spanning design, architecture and technology innovation and true collaborative mindset led him to win the APAC Region, Collaborator of the Year.

Warren and Mahoney firmly believes BIM acts as a catalyst that brings all project stakeholders together in a safe and collaborative environment to enhance the design and delivery outcomes and enable innovation for improved sustainable assets. His team’s focus is to make the BIM process as simple and accessible to all project stakeholders. Jason’s role within the Warren and Mahoney team is to ensure they have access to the best talent, technology, processes to assist with realizing our clients aspirations and our commitment for a sustainable built environment.

We operate on the cutting edge of new and emerging technology melding our experience and expertise together with technology to streamline and de-risk complex construction projects.

Jason Howden
Principal/Digital Innovation Leader

Their proven methodologies and experienced team are currently delivering some of the most significant projects in Australia and New Zealand. His team acts as the specialist technology advisors to Warren and Mahoney, project partners and their clients.

We know the effectiveness of BIM lies not only in using the latest technology and capturing the right data but in its active implementation. That means fostering open and transparent collaboration and communication through digital technologies, together with the skilled monitoring and enforcing of project standards and guidelines, keeping all project stakeholders on track, and ensuring that deviations are caught and resolved early minimizing risks to the overall project.

Jason Howden
Principal/Digital Innovation Leader

Here are Jason’s top three tips for 2022:

  1. Be open with your collaborative workflows
  2. Encourage full participation from the project team
  3. Try the Revizto+ clash automation

Revizto is a key technology in delivering our collaboration strategy on our projects. We are using Revizto on some of the most important projects ever  designed and constructed in New Zealand’s history. These projects range from large hospitals to the new National Archives (Heke Rua Archives) facility that will safeguard New Zealand most priceless treasures.

Jason Howden
Principal/Digital Innovation Leader

Best Sports Project (Kyle Auner, Project BIM Manager – Mortenson Alberici L. Keeley, Joint Venture)

Collaboration in construction fosters a true team environment, much like a team captain can on the field. Kyle Auner is the VDC Manager for a large Major League Soccer project and has led the implementation of VDC processes and technology advancements for the project team working on the St. Louis MLS stadium, Training Center, Pavilion and surrounding practice pitches. St. Louis CITY SC’s new open-air stadium comprising of 450,000 ft² , 22,500 seats, with views of the surrounding neighborhood and views tying back to the Gateway Arch. The south portion of the project site is comprised of a 34,000+ ft² team Training Center, Pavilion building, two natural grass pitches, one artificial turf pitch and a maintenance building to service the pitches.

The project has an internal team of seven VDC professionals, including Kyle, who works internally with the project team and externally with the trade partners and the design team to plan coordinate. Teamwork is essential with there are over 200 collaborators actively working on the Revizto project – including 87 internal team members, 68 trade partners and 34 design team members.

In the construction sense, collaboration to me means the design team, trade partners and general contractor all working together in synergy to come up with solutions to issues for the general good of the project. It takes all three stakeholders to move in the same direction to have a successful project.

Kyle Auner
Project BIM Manager

One of the biggest challenges for 2021 and this project was the unforeseen conditions of a large subsurface water spring and karst in our job site and coordinating across all the stakeholders. He has deployed Revizto across 100s of millions of dollars of coordination and created his own implementation documentation for bringing teams on board.

Additional Team Members
Internal VDC Professionals
Bryan Fairchild – Mortenson
Jay Mayben – L. Keeley
Kyle Auner – Mortenson
Ryan Crookston – Mortenson
Peter Morano – Mortenson
Steve Zebrowski – Mortenson
Street Brown – Alberici

Here are Kyle’s top tips for 2022:

  1. Open communication is the key to collaboration.
  2. Plan your work, work your plan.
  3. If your plan isn’t working or conditions change, take two and rework the plan.

Sustainability Award (Matthew Czuzak, Virtual Construction Manager – CORE)

CORE Arizona’s Virtual Construction Team, managed by Matthew Czuzak and Jonathan Goble, oversees and runs all BIM processes that take place in Arizona. This includes the management and creation of all models received at any time during a project’s life cycle – from preconstruction, construction, and completion. Additionally, they facilitate all BIM coordination meetings and any laser scanning.

Everyone working together to achieve a common goal, and understanding the processes in place to achieve that goal.

Matthew Czuzak
Virtual Construction Manager

CORE has recently replaced aerial progress photos by plane/helicopter with a drone fleet which is also managed by Matthew. Currently, the admin building for Queen Creek High School #3 is being coordinated 100% in Revizto+ using the Clash Automation tool. This is an education project that is two stories and is roughly 60000 square feet. Having a central hub for everything clash related and being able to assign and track each issue with a clear history has supported the team in hitting deadlines and staying within budget. 

Here are Matthew’s top tips for 2022:

  1. Never trust autosave
  2. Learn all of the valuable hotkeys
  3. Take the time to learn the ins and outs of Revizto+, it’s worth it

Implementation Award (Matt Zwetzig, Senior VD&C Manager, Central/Eastern Regions – Swinerton)

Matt Zwetzig is the VD&C Manager, Central Division at Swinerton – a relatively small regional team that brings a lot to the table. Matt’s role is making sure his team can analyze and resolve as many potential field conflicts as possible prior to fabrication. This helps his teams manage project controls and quality in a more controlled environment.

One of our biggest challenges was efficiency in coordinating interior renovation project scopes. These projects can be incredibly fast-paced. Staying ahead of the fabrication deadlines is always tricky.

Matt Zwetzig
Senior VD&C Manager

One of the ways his team approached this hurdle was to implement laser scanning on these jobs to ensure they were always working with the most accurate as-built information for coordination and design. However, traditionally, viewing this with the model was cumbersome in many ways and didn’t always present potential issues to us in a timely manner with the tools they were leveraging. Matt took this issue into his hands and implemented Revizto to help solve this dilema.

It was Matt’s vision to bring all project stakeholders into an environment to help make key decisions and figure out potential issues early. His team was able to save a significant amount of money on the initial project just within a POC using point clouds and 3D models and continues to improve and maximize the workflows created from his foresight and implementation of technology.

Collaboration in my mind is the frictionless transfer of knowledge and ideas to achieve a common goal.

Matt Zwetzig
Senior VD&C Manager

Matt’s 3 tips for 2021

  1. Let the brain wander, amazing things happen as a result
  2. Get outside in nature as often as possible
  3. Pursue something new to learn or achieve each year

Most Innovative Owner – APAC (Derek Jannings, Digital Engineering Programme Manager – KiwiRail)

Derek Jannings is the Digital Engineering Programme Manager for KiwiRail. The KiwiRail DE team is supporting capital projects and delivering the Digital Engineering Transformational Programme. The scale of projects that their organization is delivering can be a challenge – as can be implementing new ways of working while trying to scale. The KiwiRail DE team has developed new workflows to support the projects and further develop the organizations digital maturity and evolution – an important aspect to their long-term success and growth.

Working collaboratively with our internal teams and supply chain to achieve the right outcomes for KiwiRail.

Derek Jannings
Digital Engineering Programme Manager

Derek’s team provided a case study about their KiwiRail project and KiwiRail’s implementation of Revizto as part of their digital engineering roadmap. KiwiRail see collaborative environments as Golden Thread during the delivery phase and the collaboration Revizto is offering is helping KiwiRail reduce risks, avoid extra costs, save time and money on projects.

See their Revizto Guidelines HERE

Adopting new ways of working to enable the right outcomes was the key factor to their 2021 success, especially with the impact of COVID on their region. KiwiRail is now using Revizto on many projects across their portfolio, including Wiri to Quay Park, a 350milion infrastructure project which provides upgrades to the Auckland Southern Rail line.

My tip of advice for 2022? Implement collaborative work environments – it enables our industry to change the way we produce and coordinate information and adopt new ways of working.

Derek Jannings
Digital Engineering Programme Manager
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2021 Revizto Collaborators of the Year Awards Every year the global Revizto Team votes on the most innovative teams and projects from the previous year. Twelve awards are given out to showcase the tremendous, collaborative efforts made to accomplish some truly outstanding projects - projects that inspire us going into the next year! Here are this year's winners - stay tuned throughout the next couple weeks as we announce all of the winners, including Collaborator of the Year, and Project of the Year. 2022-04-07
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