News March 15, 2024
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A Guide to Surviving Another Software Mandate: A Six-Part Series

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Corey Clasen, Implementation Service Manager – MEPF – NA

Picture this: You’re a Specialty Subcontractor that’s been added to a project and the GC decides to mandate Revizto as the coordination software you’ll be using. Before you roll your eyes, because you have to deal with yet another new platform, bear with me – I’m a former Trade Partner with over 15 years of experience in the electrical field and 6+ years of MEPF coordination experience, so I get it!

Using Revizto in that upcoming project is actually an opportunity to test out BIM collaboration technology that can actually benefit and streamline your MEPFP internal processes – that’s right Revizto is not just a tool for GCs. In your spare time you can also check out stories from your peers like Rosendin, Binsky, and Archkey/Sachs, but in the meantime I wanted to invite you to catch on-demand the six-part Revizto Trade Talk series that I hosted last year.  

Part 1: Getting the Most Out of The Issue Tracker

The six part series kicks off with “Getting the Most Out of The Issue Tracker.” In this introductory episode, participants discovered the fundamentals of Revizto, starting with its robust Issue Tracker. Corey shared practical advice for streamlining workflow and on how to get the most value out of the tool to benefit you internally as a trade.

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Part 2: Putting Your Digital Drawings to Work

Titled “Putting Your Digital Drawings to Work,” the second episode explored advanced workflows. Corey explained the importance of understanding your scope of work and the art of asking the right questions to make informed decisions. He compared traditional methods of managing construction drawings with the efficiency gains offered by Revizto’s solutions.

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Part 3: Breaking Down the 3D Concept

In “Breaking Down the 3D Concept,” participants got to learn how Revizto’s 3D modeling tools align with, and compare with other familiar software. This session aimed to prepare users for a seamless transition to more advanced features.

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Part 4:  A Clash Crash Course

The fourth session, “A Clash Crash Course,” focused on the importance of finding and resolving clashes efficiently, so that it does not consume your entire work week. Corey demonstrated how targeting specific situations, locations and systems can save time and streamline project management tasks. 

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Part 5: Taking the Tool Out for a Spin

This session was more than just a practical demonstration. Here, Corey explained that Revizto can be used without an internet connection and examines various field use cases for Revizto from your PC, iPad, and smartphone. The session was particularly insightful in showing how field personnel could easily access and leverage all the information provided by Revizto.

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Part 6: A PM’s Guide to the Galaxy

For the grand finale, “A PMs Guide to the Galaxy ” was tailored for senior project members, superintendents and general foreman. This session focused on utilizing Revizto for tracking progress and enhancing accuracy to get the most out of dashboards and reports.

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To learn more about Revizto, request a demo here.

About the author
Corey Clasen

Corey is an invested construction professional with 15 years of experience in the Electrical field. Before joining Revizto as an Implementation Service Manager for MEP in North America, he spent 6+ years working in Coordination for MEPF contractors as a Trade Partner. During his time as a BIM/VDC Corporate Manager, he oversaw a team of Coordinators running multiple multi-million dollar projects simultaneously and implemented software, workflows, and standards that are being used today all over the United States.

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