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AURECON’s Russell Strange is digital delivery.

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Russell Strange is no novice when it comes to the importance of digital collaboration in the AEC industry.

With well over 15 years of experience in BIM and Digital Delivery, and experience working with global innovators like AECOM and Aurecon we thought “what better person to hear from?”. Russ was previously with AECOM for 13 years and the BIM Leader for ANZ prior to joining Aurecon where he has been for over two years and is the Digital Delivery Manager.

“Aurecon is an engineering, design, and advisory company, but not as you know it. We’ve reimagined engineering.”


The Australian Financial Review named Aurecon Australasia’s most innovative company in 2020, and the most innovative professional services company. Aurecon has worked on numerous, global iconic projects, from the Dubai Creek Tower, Doha Expressway, Shanghai Tower, and the Auckland City Rail Link (featured to the left).

The project has also won:

  • Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards 2018
  • Large Energy User Initiative of the Year,  the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards 2018
  • Efficiency Champion, and the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards 2018
  • Supreme Award
  • NZI Transforming New Zealand Award

“Our clients’ ideas and aspirations drive all that we do. We work alongside them like no other firm to co-create clever, innovative solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges, adding value across the project lifecycle through deep technical and advisory expertise.”

Disconnected documents and communication.

As the Digital Delivery Manager, Russ needs to manage multiple projects that involve numerous stakeholder groups and the whole spectrum of file types and models. While the nature and scale of his work is large, we think many of his pre-Revizto challenges are similar to firms of all sizes. 

Russ’s Top Three Pre-Revizto Challenges

  1. User access to the 3D model environment was limited to authoring or other cumbersome model review tools.
  2. The documentation and modelling review was disconnected.
  3. Communication channels were disparate and manual, tracking issues over time was very challenging

Improved trust and reduced risks.

Hearing from someone from industry experts like Russ helps us at Revizto continue our “continuous improvement” mindset. Leaders like him are able to holistically view problems across projects, and see the positive or negative impacts of workflow changes. With that, we wanted to hear a bit more about how Revizto has helped his team. 

Russ’s Top 5 Things About Revizto:

  1. Gives access to the wider team to communicate within the context of the 3D environment.
  2. Allows us to track issues effectively.
  3. Enables our teams to review in VR.
  4. Provides more trust and reduces risk in our projects by distributing the responsibility of review.
  5. Improves communication working with remote teams.

Improved Access is an ROI metric.

Calculating a numerical return of any software can often be challenging. Russ stated that, “ROI is tough, it’s really always been about increasing BIM adoption through increasing user access to the model environment. Increased BIM adoption will result in increased ROI.” 

“Revizto has always done what is said on the box. Easiest software I’ve ever had to implement, users enjoy using it.” – Russ Strange, Digital Delivery Manager – AURECON

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AURECON’s Russell Strange is digital delivery. Russell Strange is no novice when it comes to the importance of digital collaboration in the AEC industry. 2023-11-14
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