News April 14, 2021
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Collaboration corner: The immersive workspace

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In this episode of Rhys Lewis’s ‘collaboration corner’, Revizto conducts some important testing using Igloo Vision’s immersive workspace.

Rhys Lewis, director at Revizto met with Jessica Davey, technical sales manager at Igloo Vision to conduct some important testing of Revizto V5 and the new Igloo Vision touch controller.

Using Igloo’s touch app, we were able to seamlessly control Revizto in the immersive workspace.

Rhys Lewis said: “I also had the pleasure of finally meeting my team in person since they joined our Revizto family.

“Welcome again Ash C. and Matthew Prance, more of this to come!”

video collaboration

Revizto allows you to now take your projects directly into this immersive workspace for a variety of reasons during the construction process.

Revizto supports so many different file formats types including: IFC, PointCloud, FBX, Autodesk, Bentley Systems and 2D.

The importance of interoperability

Interoperability is something we’re passionate about because our clients are also!

A great showcase of this was that we were able to take in the project created in our last blog with Mike Edwards and Nationwide Drones simply “Plug & Play”!


Ash C, strategic accounts of design & engineering UK at Revizto, said: “In Revizto 5 one of the key features is the ability to search for data in your model.”

For me, this exercise was so much fun being and feeling fully immersed within our projects. What better way to review your project than to actually be INSIDE IT?

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Collaboration corner: The immersive workspace In this episode of Rhys Lewis’s ‘collaboration corner’, Revizto conducts some important testing using Igloo Vision’s immersive workspace 2023-11-14
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