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Digital by Default: Kier wins CEW Award for Fitzalan High School Cardiff project

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Russell Baker is a Senior BIM Manager at Kier Construction Western & Wales: “I have been on the BIM journey a very long time and starting to get the grey hair to prove it. With over 39 years working in the construction industry, I have a wealth of technical knowledge spanning many different roles.

Qualifying as an Architectural Technician, and then progressing into CAD / BIM Management, and IT Management, I am responsible for managing change within our regional business unit where BIM implementation aligned to industry standards is established and we continue to improve collaboration with our supply chain.”

Jonathan Walters is a BIM Manager at Kier Construction Western & Wales: “I have been working in the construction industry for over 18 years. Starting my journey as an apprentice carpenter, when I was 16, I then found myself applying for an Architectural technologist course at the age of 24.

“As an Architectural technologist I started my BIM journey. I am now responsible for the management of project BIM implementation including dissemination of clash detection / issue reports whilst overseeing the issue management reporting process to ensure stakeholders are contributing. I also support design and construction team members with BIM/modelling related issues.”


How has Kier embraced digital transformation on the Fitzalan High School project?

Kier Construction’s Digital by Default programme provides a mechanism and governance around how our projects are delivered. This digital transformation programme introduced new software applications to consolidate, modernise and future-proof our technology application. The innovative tools, methods and processes that capture, manipulate and exploit data across the entire project have been introduced on the Fitzalan project, to enable capture the design and construction phases and enable transition into the operational phase.

Cardiff Council issued rigorous Employers Information Requirements (EIR), and Asset Information Requirements (AIR), to comply with the 1192 suite of documents, which contained a substantial COBie deliverable. It was the Council’s desire to capture all of the buildings asset information for incorporation into their CAFM system upon completion.

Data has been successfully used and shared throughout the project. Working in a shared data environment enables better collaboration. The common data environment is a centralized, singular source of truth for the project. Adopting this approach allows us to centralize information in an electronic format in an environment where everyone is contributing to the project and looking at the same set of quality assured information. It is ultimately about embedding a culture of collaboration on the project which facilitates the accessibility and sharing of information in a unified way. The following applications are being utilised on the Fitzalan project:

Revizto – Model viewer, coordination, issue management, and clash detection software, which has been introduced into a collaborative team environment to enable earlier engagement of the supply chain and introduce preventative risk mitigation.

BIMXtra – Electronic Document Management System, BIMXtra has allowed us to deliver the project in accordance with BS1192 requirements, allowing the sharing of information through the common data environment and system interoperability.

Holobuilder – Digital capture of site progress using 360° photos. Kier captures the site progress in the most efficient and effective way possible to ensure our digital audit trail is maintained and supported. HoloBuilder’s JobWalk App allows us to effortlessly capture 360° and 2D photos, automatically organized by project, floor plan and date/time.

Matterport – Matterport offers an immersive and interactive 3D experience, and captures key stages in the construction timeline, and records valuable data that is utilised throughout the project lifecycle.

Pix4D – A unique photogrammetry software suite for mobile drone mapping, Pix4D allows us to reduce cost and time of earthworks using drone surveying. We are also mobilised to undertake surveys faster and at a fraction of the cost, while capturing millions of detailed points for topographic surveys, visual records of excavation, stockpile measurement, cut and fill calculation, and accurate haul cost estimates.

Snagmaster – Presents real-time management information via an intuitive web–based portal. The personalised, interactive, and secure dashboard provides views for both Kier, as the main contractor, and each subcontractor to ensure optimum productivity and uptake. Snagmaster combines all the data you need to improve the productivity of the project and specifies who is responsible for the resolution of critical finishing issues.


What role did Revizto play on the project?

Revizto allows us to view the entire project by federating all intelligent BIM data including reality capture into a centralized, user-friendly, location and get all teams in-sync. We are able to view issues in native modelling software, assign accountability and track changes to ensure all issues are quickly and fully resolved, or mitigated, and we can also contribute from the office or on-site. Revizto provides a platform that enables us to keep all trades on task and monitor their progress in the field and provides access to all relevant project data on a mobile device.

All the supply chain partners (design team and sub-contractors) have embraced the implementation of Revizto, with their models scheduled to automatically upload to Revizto on a weekly basis. The main file format that is being exported from the authoring tools into Revizto is .RVT, and .IFC.

We have utilised the capability of Revizto to federate models from a vast array of project stakeholders and inform our Project Information Model, including Architect, Structural Engineer, M&E Engineer, Sprinkler System Designer, M&E Subcontractor, Steel Fabricator, SFS Contractor, Swimming Pool Designer, and the Kitchen Designer. Embedding this collaborative approach through a single-point platform, like Revizto, has facilitated an environment of transparency and demonstrated how early engagement, integration and collaboration with the design teams and supply chain improves project performance through focus on solving problems holistically.

Training was provided to our supply chain via in-house workshops and supplemented by training direct from Revizto.


What is next for Kier and Revizto?

Revizto was the first software we launched from our Digital by Default Programme. Kier signed a three-year Enterprise agreement with Revizto. The agreement also includes UK hosting, which was a first for Revizto. Security and data residency are key challenges we face when it comes to software and cloud-based solutions and can be a barrier to implementation on our secure projects. Revizto satisfied the strict Kier requirements and we’re deploying Revizto company wide.

Our partnership with Revizto is ever evolving and it’s this dynamic relationship that helps benefit both companies going forward.

Digital by Default: Kier wins CEW Award for Fitzalan High School Cardiff project Kier Construction’s Digital by Default programme provides a mechanism and governance around how our projects are delivered. This digital transformation programme introduced new software applications to consolidate, modernise and future-proof our technology application. 2023-12-07
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