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Digital Delivery and Driving Collaboration – IIMBE’s David Foley

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In an industry that has collectively been a bit slower to adapt and truly embrace the digital age, we are lucky to have people like David Foley.

David is someone that doesn’t just leverage digital technology but has dedicated 25 years in construction and consultancy roles to find the best solutions and efficiencies that create better outcomes for businesses. That is why we are excited to have him as our most recent Revizto Champion.

Based in Sydney, David is a Director of IIMBE and leads their approach to Digital Delivery. He is a dedicated advocate of the use of technology to drive collaboration, seeking efficiencies to assure the quality of the outcomes.

IIMBE (Informed Information Management Built Environment) assists organisations to use Informed Information Management when creating, managing and operating the Built Environment. IIMBE works with public and private sector clients to develop, implement and manage digital construction processes, improving asset information management practices and has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

IIMBE helps clients improve the way they manage information digitally, across the asset lifecycle, designing the strategic direction for organisational change and support the broader Delivery Team with the implementation of BIM on projects. They are the trusted BIM and Digital Engineering partner for many large organisations and megaprojects around the world.

David’s career has involved the development and implementation of technology that people can execute and understand, using knowledge and techniques he has gained from over 25 years’ experience in both construction and consultancy roles throughout the United Kingdom and Australia.

Don’t just use technology, embrace it for the best results.

He has fully embraced the fact that technology is paramount to the advancement of the construction industry and works in partnership with stakeholders while educating the team on the benefits of technology ensures David delivers successful outcomes for clients. Needless to say, we were excited to hear what he thought of Revizto.

David has leveraged Revizto through all the phases of construction and on all types of projects including commercial, education, medical facilities, residential, sports and entertainment, and even museums.

Challenges accepted and overcame with Revizto.

We asked him, before using Revizto, what were some of the common challenges he and his clients face?

  1. Tracking Issues
  2. Visualising the Design and Construction Process
  3. Project Collaboration and Interaction.

We simply wouldn’t be as successful a company without Revizto as it frees up our teams to leverage our experience and knowledge to identify and resolve issues and rapidly communicate with the Delivery Team.

David Foley
Director – Digital Delivery

With the implementation of Revizto as an ICP (Integrated Collaboration Platform), David found improvement in 5 key areas.

  1. Online and available anytime, anywhere
  2. Transparency
  3. Accountability
  4. 2D, 3D & point cloud viewing
  5. Simple to use for non-technical team members

Greater Return with Revizto

A common trend that we have been encountering with our clients is that while a specific ROI number can be hard to calculate with Revizto, teams are quick to state a return. David mentioned that as a direct result of using Revizto, his team and clients see a “reduced time spent communicating, identify design issues and risk mitigation strategies.

Here is a typical ROI calculation that we see used.

Number of Issues x Average Cost per issue (based on hours to fix and hourly rate) = ROI

Even as a relatively conservative calculation, firms had expressed savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single project and essentially paid for itself within hours of using it.

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Digital Delivery and Driving Collaboration – IIMBE’s David Foley In an industry that has collectively been a bit slower to adapt and truly embrace the digital age, we are lucky to have people like David Foley. 2023-11-14
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