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Export and share your model
Bring your BIM/CAD project into Revizto in a matter of minutes. All BIM object data and linked files will be preserved. Share the resulted model with anyone in multiple different ways - either through the cloud-based Revizto Workspace or like a self-executable project file. You don’t have 3D model yet? That’s OK, you can import your 2D documents into Revizto and start to share and collaborate with your team.
Cloud Sync and Share
Share Revizto projects with your team through the cloud. Sync the model to push large attachments placed in the Issue Tracker or updated model.
Export 2D Sheets
Export 2D Sheets from Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD and ArchiCAD to further mark up and collaborate in Revizto. You can also import PDF or DWFx files.
Several models from different BIM/CAD software merged within Revizto
Combine several models from different authoring BIM/CAD software to create a federated model within Revizto. Supports import IFC and FBX.
Three revisions of BIM project opened in Revizto
Revision control
View all revisions of your project which have been synced to the Cloud. You can open any revision and revert to it at any time.
Day and time setup for recurring export of 2D Sheets and 3D models to Revizto
Export scheduler
Schedule recurring exports per desired day and time. Revizto will launch your authoring program and export the latest model to your project team.
Saving Revizto project as an exe file
Export to .exe or for MAC
Share your project as a self-executable file. Any user can open this file on 64-bit Windows PC or MAC without Revizto installation.

Revizto works with:




Civil 3D









Explore and present on any device
Make it easy to explore and showcase your model as navigable 3D that anyone can walk through like in a video game. Revizto, with its super friendly and intuitive interface, is so simple to use that even non-experts can easily work with. Experience your project in a truly immersive virtual reality with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. The real nature of 3D in VR will impress your clients and help sell your designs.
2D Sheet from Revit overlaid on top of 3D model
2D Sheets
The home of all 2D documents in Revizto. Use sheet overlay to combine your 2D plan with the 3D model instantly to provide a better understanding of your project.
Detailed BIM information about the object
Discover detailed information about any object in one double click. Any object or object’s category can be made transparent or semi-transparent.
Section cut saved as a viewpoint for navigation and presentation purposes
Viewpoints / Section cuts
Save any spot in the scene for navigation and presentation purposes. Each viewpoint can contain a section cut and category visibility/transparency settings.
2D map shows the exact location, elevation, grid intersect and Revit room names
2D map
An intelligent map that shows your exact location, elevation, grid intersect and the Revit room names on surrounding you. Within 2D map you can instantly teleport to any level or area of your project in one double click.
Remote presentation of BIM project with camera share functionality
Camera Sharing
Providing the WOW factor. Do remote presentations or discuss potential problem areas with "camera share" functionality. It transmits your movements on other remote devices without virtually zero delay at breathtaking speeds.
Exploring BIM project in VR with Revizto using HTC Vive
VR Support
Explore your project in VR. Revizto works natively with Oculus and HTC Vive and instantly creates an immersive, true-to-scale VR experience in seconds allowing users to explore real model data and coordination issues in VR.

Measuring the distance between the closest surfaces
Snaps to measure the closest surface, minimum distance between two objects or any other points all based on the geometry of your authoring software.
Displaying a project in the sketch mode
Sketch Mode
Avoid distracting details and questions around materials while working in the preliminary stages of the project. Introduce your first ideas clearly.
Color coding for MEP
Color code
In Revizto you can color code linked models, categories and levels, making it easy to distinguish between teams and roles inside a coordination project.

Revizto runs on PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets

Collaborate with your team in real time
Keep track of everything what’s going on in your project. Note all project related issues, assign and follow up tasks, stay notified about all project updates you are interested in. Revizto Issue Tracker, a simple yet powerful task tracking system, allows you to manage all your teamwork and project activities in one place everyone has access to.
Notification about all changes in the Issue Tracker
Instant notifications
Assignees and watchers of issues get instant notifications about new comments and updates – in-program and via e-mail. Customize the e-mail notifications settings to see only what you need and to avoid having them all routed to your trash.
Plugin for Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD
Create new issues and markups directly from BIM/CAD program or view existing issues by launching the Issue Tracker. By double-clicking on the issue a new view will be created in your authoring software to show the problem.
Clash from Navisworks as an issue in Revizto
Clashes from Navisworks
Import all clashes from Navisworks into Revizto Issue Tracker. Next, assign accountability, deadline and specifics notes to ensure they get resolved in a timely matter. This will also allow users to view in their native modeling software.
Offline chat in Revizto
Offline usage
The Issue Tracker works perfectly offline. This allows users to bring their live model in the field. The issues created while offline will be synced when you regain your connection to the Internet. Therefore, you can use Revizto mobile version on iPad or Android on building site for issue tracking.
Jpg, pdf, png files as attachments to an issue
Attach images and documents in the issue timeline chat window. Users can take photos in the field and mark up the photos before attaching to the issue. Likewise, office counter parts can make screenshots of what’s actually going on in their model and paste those into the log.
Issue report as an interactive chart showing issues status and dynamics
Issue Reports
On the Revizto Workspace, view an interactive graph showing the issue status and dynamics. Set up an automatic issue report to be sent to you in PDF or Excel format or pull a report instantly from your defined parameters within the Issue Tracker.
Issue with public access
Public and private issue
Make the issue private if you don’t want it to be seen by everyone. This gives you an ability to manage the issues with different teams within one project.
Advanced filter for issues
Advanced filtering
With the filtering system it is easy to find any issue or to view a specific group of issues. This is where users take full advantage of tagging issues.
Markup problem on screenshot
Markup tool
Explain the problem with a simple visual language using the markup tool. Easily create a new screenshot for the current issue and markup it.

Revizto Issue Tracker is fully integrated with




Tune your model with the Editor
Enhance visual appearance of your model with the help of the Editor: adjust the environment settings such as sun position and skybox, natural and artificial lighting, edit materials and object data, or optimize geometry.
Environment settings in Revizto
Edit Lighting
Create illumination effects by baking the light maps into your model. Control the location and adjust light source parameters for accurate day or night time illumination.
Materials properties menu in Revizto
Edit Materials
Export custom materials from your authoring software or create new ones in Revizto. Easily edit material of the single surface or across the whole scene.
Object settings interface in Revizto
Object’s Data
Make any changes in object’s BIM data: add, remove and sort fields, insert additional information. All changes will be saved even if you re-export the project.