News August 26, 2020
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Check out some of the main Revizto 5 feature overview

Table of Contents

Reverse Search Set

Creating search sets from selected object properties right there in the UI is a huge advancement in simple software functionality. It prevents the user from transferring information in analog from a properties dialog to a object search. It also ensures the right query is being performed by the user and allows them to discover item sets visually.

Simple Search Navigation

This feature enables users of all experience levels the ability to navigate models with ease. With a simplified logical search function, users can easily and quickly identify, select and view any item type throughout the model. This feature enables less experienced users to take advantage of a data structure traditionally out of their skillset to render valuable searches from anywhere, in-office to the field. This feature redefines ease of use by democratization of the BIM/VDC process and the modernization of working with 3D model data.

Tracking Objects in Issue

Tracking objects in issues ensures more clear and concise communication is getting back to design and fabrication teams. It allows teams to not only review a markup but also communicate around the specific objects affected in the model in more detail.

Applying Visual Changes

This entirely new functionality enables all users to make changes to the visual view from directly inside Revizto. These changes can be based on system classifications, search sets, object categories and more, to manage the visual nature of the project. This impacts the visual nature of the project and minimizes the dependency of Revit Filters and Navisworks Appearance Profiler with “bake-in” standardized colors.

Favorites & Tooltips

Unique object properties can mean different things to the different types of project contributors. These new features allow the user to see finite details on any given object at any given time. By empowering them with quick, real-time access to critical data to prevent, users can avoid bottlenecks in project timelines and do their job more efficiently. Additionally, this information auto-transfers over to Revizto’s new tooltips to further spread value by contextually bringing the data and the visuals closer together.

Area Based Searches and Multiple Search Sets

Searching for objects is essential. Searching for objects within specific areas on large projects is even more critical. Revizto’s new feature allows you to not only search based on unique object properties, but users can search based within pre-defined areas as well. This feature allows users to focus on individual hotspots and systems in a given area at a specific time, empowering users to find critical information faster.

Object-Based Navigation

Traditionally, searching within projects for specific types of objects and navigating to them feels like two very separate tasks. Object selection within Revizto provides a quick way to find what the user needs. Additionally, this feature enables users to quickly navigate to that location based on where that data resides and connect those objects directly to relevant issues.

Loading and Unloading Links

Revizto’s Integrated Collaboration Platform is designed to hold all sorts of project data, but sometimes all that data isn’t needed or we may need to reduce the stress on a device by removing unnecessary content. Revizto 5 will allow the user to only load the necessary data and save that in a present for creating quick usable models in the field or in the office.

Units and Transform

This is a massive improvement to the early stages of the workflow, allowing the team members to receive models from various sources without needing to adjust coordinate systems before export, and allows the coordination process to proceed without the need of the authoring tool or highly coordinated models.

Custom Properties

This new Revizo v5 Feature allows users to take their data to the next level by adding custom parameters to objects outside of the traditional authoring methods. Custom Properties enhances many potential workflows such as construction progress tracking, custom parameter data fields upon export as well as visualization tying these properties into our other tools coming in 5.0. This feature offers a flexible way to bring new data to the project while leaving behind the notion the authors have to create it – the power now extends to all Revizto users on the project.

Multistamping and Tracking Mass Changes/Issues/Tasks

This new feature enables users to efficiently deliver data-driven action items to the field, from any location and any device. This workflow follows Derive Trimble Points from the model for marking in the field and uses Revizto 5 tools to search and specify points to be laid out for installation of sleeves in the concrete. Users can leverage the Multistamping feature to create one issue per sleeve and send it to field crew laying out items in the field.

After assigning the stamps, users can monitor the progress of the layout via real-time reporting tools. The site staff can also layout points and mark as solved upon completion via an iPad or tablet. This process proceeds until all stamps have been laid out, closed and verified. While a short workflow, it leverages multiple new features and spans from the office to the field, and involves reporting, survey data, office and field use.


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Revizto 5 features overview Check out some of the main Revizto 5 features incl. reverse search set, tracking objects in issue, applying visual changes and more. 2021-11-29
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