News January 12, 2021
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Revizto 5 Feature List

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In December 2020 Revizto released the Version 5. Users can now completely migrate from Revizto 4 to the updated Revizto 5 platform (watch the instruction HERE). Revizto 5 creates a central hub for all models and project data making it accessible and actionable for all project team members regardless of technical skill level. The Revizto 5 Integrated Collaboration Platform (ICP) provides universal access to project’s data, both for 2D and 3D workflows and created a culture of collaboration across all trades from the first day of the project’s inception.

Revizto 5 Features:

  • Appearance templates – This highly anticipated feature allows users to change the way they view models, from any camera location as well as inside any issue. This feature provides users with options to visualize the model in any way necessary to convey messages in coordination meetings and allows each stakeholder to view the model as they please – all participants can work simultaneously, and be assigned different types of access.
  • Search sets – Creating search sets from selected object properties within the UI is a massive advancement in simple software functionality. This new functionality allows users to focus on hotspots and systems in the right area at the right time.
  • Units and transform – Allows team members to receive models from various sources without needing to adjust coordinate systems in the authoring tool before export.
  • Tracking objects in issues – Ensures more clear and concise communication is getting back to design and fabrication teams.
  • Custom properties – Allows users to add custom parameters to objects outside of traditional authoring, allowing a flexible way to bring new data to the project and extending the power to all Revizto, not just authors.
  • 2D measurements: area and polyline tools – These measurement enhancements allow users to pull more info from a single place in the model, further enhancing the power of Revizto as a holistic review and quality assurance tool.
  • Find objects: search within – Finding items has never been easier with Revizto 5. We have now taken our search capabilities to new heights with the ability to search within predefined search sets or selections, allowing users to get to the granular, specific data they need – quickly and easily.
  • Revizto navigation mode – The redesign of our Hybrid Navigation Tool allows for a smoother means of navigation. It brings the rotation point to the user to prevent any form of navigation mishap when rotating the model.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – This highly sought after security and IT measure allows your company to tie Revizto into your company directory of users, and have one consistent set of credentials across your internal network.
  • VR support – IT’s classic Revizto VR support in the newest version of Revizto and brought back into V5 including any workflows missed during the beta period up until this point in time.
  • Project migration from Revizto 4 to Revizto 5 – watch the instruction HERE.

View the webinar recording to learn more about Revizto 5 capabilities.


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%%title%% %%page%% Revizto 5 creates a central hub for all models and project data making it accessible and actionable for all project team members regardless of technical skill level. 2023-03-29
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