BIM for Owners and the Benefits of
BIM for Facility Management

The usefulness of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for different project stages has been widely discussed for some time, and the industry as a whole now uses BIM regularly in at least some of its processes. However, the overwhelming majority of discussions around the benefits of BIM are just focused on two project phases – design and construction.

The benefits of BIM also exist as a different approach for Facility Management – a massive part of every building’s life journey that primarily covers how said building is operated after it was built and handed over to the owner. The differences between how designers or constructors interact with BIM and how owners should interact with it are significant enough for BIM to still be relatively unpopular regarding Facility Management.

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BIM for Owners and the Benefits of BIM for Facility Management The overall interest in BIM seems to grow rapidly in many fields, and the facility management industry is no exception. BIM can be a source of a lot of information that could be used for Facility Management purposes – be it information about specific building components or the overall geometry of a structure. However, there are still many questions left when it comes to using BIM in this specific industry, mostly revolving around specific ways BIM could help facility management. This is a rather relevant topic, which is why we took some of the more prevalent questions about it and answered them below. 2023-10-25
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