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BIM from the Beginning

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David Gomez, Implementation Service Manager – Construction

BIM is the beginning, middle and end.

Project teams typically gain exposure to coordinated models in one of a few siloed options, from trade clash meetings, simple viewers, or with the help of a VDC engineer that navigates through issues for them. However, these more traditional VDC behaviors create information bottlenecks and drastically impact project teams performance. 

Integrated Collaboration

Over the years, we have continued to improve the Revizto platform to become a truly Integrated Collaboration Platform (ICP). Integrated collaboration allows different roles within project teams to hold conversations and correspondence of accountable issues in real-time while referring to multiple file types of project related information in an easy to understand format, regardless of the persons’ physical location. Revizto can be deployed during any phase of a construction project depending on the primary purpose – however, the sooner the better.

As an Integrated Collaboration Platform (ICP), we at Revizto want to take advantage of all aspects of project collaboration and to evolve VDC further today. By inviting project leadership into Revizto at the beginning of a project to perform their tasks at startup, it will provide them with a new foundation of management and further insight to better understand their companies BIM process.

David Gomez
12-year BIM/VDC Expert

After working with firms all struggling with the same issue of keeping teams in-sync, I have found that the earlier tools like Revizto get incorporated into the project’s workflow, the sooner teams build more efficient habits around collaboration. Getting the flow of information right from the moment information is needed will save your team rework, money, and time. Appending information early from initial design will provide downstream benefits and highlight the quality of your building in one location at closeout and handover. There are several benefits for all project members to be present within Revizto before clash coordination that allow them to understand the true value of BIM better.

The First Process – Site Logistics 

The beginning of any collaborative process within a project typically starts with site logistics. Whether project leadership prefers using programs like Bluebeam, Sketch Up or other markup tools to generate their pdf logistics plan, once complete, they upload their pdf documents to Revizto. This gives them the ability to share with the rest of their team for review. 

Within Revizto, teams can utilize stamps, create issues, communicate through chat and markup logistics plans until complete. As the project continues, team members can access these finalized documents at any phase within the project as an easy reference in a centralized location.

This is the first example of a preconstruction workflow that can be captured and stored within Revizto. 

VIDEO: Here is a quick walk through on where to access site logistics and respond to comments and corrections. Changes are made in the users markup tool of choice and re-uploaded notifying the team until complete. Revizto stores this and all updated site logistic information as the official project bulletin, where all teams can access whether they are on-site or remote.

Setting the Stage for BIM

Capturing site logistics in Revizto with project teams is the first task to complete. Utilizing a site logistics plan with drone workflows for site analysis will allow all information to sync. This will enable project teams to set the stage for Virtual Design and Construction, which will be discussed in the following section of this construction blog.

About the author
David Gomez

David Gomez is a Senior BIM/VDC Expert at Revizto with over 12 years of experience as a Construction Technologist. He has worked as a consultant with various top AEC firms around the globe focusing on implementing new project team collaboration methods and the use of new tools, working from High Definition Scanning to Virtual Design & Construction, Pre Construction, 4D simulation, and Facility Management.

BIM from the Beginning Project teams typically gain exposure to coordinated models in one of a few siloed options, from trade clash meetings, simple viewers, or with the help of a VDC engineer that navigates through issues for them. 2023-11-14
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