Revizto 4.12 with Sheet Compare is live!

NewsDecember 10, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce that Revizto 4.12 has landed and is now available for download on our website!

We know everybody has been excited to get their hands on this release and the new highly-anticipated Sheet Compare feature.

Alongside the major Sheet Compare release, several additional features and enhancements have been made to continuously improve your Revizto experience.

Full Revizto 4.12 release includes:

Sheet Compare

  • Compare different sheets and versions in real-time
  • Create and track issues on Compare View
  • View markups on original sheet version for each issue; compare with current sheet version
  • Visually align sheets for comparison if needed

Additional Features & Enhancements

  • Halftone mode for 2D sheets
  • New filters for issues including: Deadline, Closing Date, Date of Creation
  • Ability to sort issues by title
  • Improved drag controls for point-to-point ruler mode
  • Ability to control visibility distance of clash icons in 3D scene
  • New, faster rendering engine for 2D sheets and improved PDF support
  • New Plugin for Navisworks Simulate 2020

We hope you’ll love Revizto 4.12 and invite you to explore it right away!