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Revizto’s path to Web Based Issue Tracking

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Brett Settles, Global Director of Customer Success


Since joining Revizto, I have frequently been asked the same question, why don’t we have a web issue tracker?
Well, we do now. I’ll talk more about this in detail.

The company has always had the vision of being a constant pillar that could stand on its own in the AECO tech stack.

So, in order to avoid becoming another “add-on” company, we had to make some tough decisions. One of these was to hold off on browser-based issue tracking to focus on meeting our goal of becoming that pillar. And to do this, we needed to make big changes to how our tool operates.

We thought about and planned out features, such as Object Data, Clash Automation, Issue Based Object Dependencies, Automated Dashboards, Automated Reports, Viewpoint Configs, etc., beforehand to make sure we were working towards achieving our vision. This vision was to become the industry standard for how the technical community communicates intent to other critical roles within a project or organization. It, of course, takes a great deal of time, thought, expertise, and experience in development to accomplish this, and even then, a product is never perfect.

We also focused significantly on creating a way to easily travel from high-level thought to micro problems, and to create a seamless navigation experience from the visual dashboard all the way to specific issues without the need for the installed application.

I personally believe that our customer base will see a shift over the next year or two, where fewer users will be using the app to perform day-to-day tasks. However, the core of the process and information will continue to be the data, models, drawings, scans, etc. Our application tools can carry the load for the heavy tech lifters and those that need to navigate a model, while allowing everyone to be untied from a PC or iPad.

In the sequence of images below, you can see the simple navigation path from the visual dashboard to specific issues.

Our web-based issue tracker contains all of the same fields, comments, and metadata as the app. There are some extended benefits as well, such as single-issue PDF creation!

Our goal, as always, is to provide a smarter way to coordinate. We have always felt that standard web-based issue tracking was, unfortunately, a garbage-in, garbage-out set up. So, we decided to develop our own based-based tracking application into the tool it needed to be in order to make this a worthwhile process.

Revizto is always focused on people and workflows first, and every improvement we make in development aims to make our clients’ lives easier. We really hope this helps our clients and their journey in deploying the product further into their organizations.

About the author
Brett Settles

Brett is the Global Head of Customer Success at Revizto and a BIM/VCD technology expert. He started his career in BIM and 3D technology as an Autodesk Reseller for the Midwest. As a 16-year industry veteran, he spent 8 years as an engineer and was previously a Visualization and Civil consultant. Brett has been a leader and agent of change for construction technology, specifically BIM/VDC for the past 16 years and successfully implemented some of the industry’s most innovative solutions and methods for AEC firm of all sizes around the world.

Revizto’s path to Web Based Issue Tracking The vision of this company was always to be a pillar that could be stood up on its own in the AECO tech stack. This meant that to escape the world of being an “add-on” we had to make some very tough decisions. One of these decisions was to hold off on the browser-based issue tracking to focus on why we couldn’t be a pillar unless some big changes were made to how our tool operates. 2023-11-14
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