Nachrichten September 09, 2020
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BIM von zu Hause aus

Author: Balázs Szilágyi, Senior BIM Consultant | Körös Consult Kft.

The international situation forces many of us to work from home. To be accomplished in this physically isolated state, digital communication is instantly appreciated. This is not different in the world of 3D design systems, where it is dangerous to learn something completely new right under the pressure of transition. Implementing systems in a traditional office environment is also challenging. The technological advances of the past years have brought about the possibility of almost unnoticeable switching from manual control. New tasks and tools will always be there, but mastering 5-6 little things is nothing, compared to understanding and using with confidence a complex design system. If you choose Revizto, you choose the few new buttons in your usual design software, while you collaborate with your partners in the background, while you are allowing participants to stay in their familiar environments. You can combine #Revit , #AutoCAD , #Civil3D , #ArchiCAD , #SketchUp , #Rhinoceros , #Tekla and #Inventor into one app.

Large-scale data transfers can be scheduled to non-business hours.

At the touch of a button or scheduled, any participant can receive statistics or assignments in #Excel or #PDF format.

Connected, standard BIM collaboration format (BCF) files are easy to update, replace, or email.

Comparing the living model and reality is easier than ever.

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BIM von zu Hause aus Autor: Balázs Szilágyi, Senior BIM Consultant | Körös Consult Kft. Die internationale Situation zwingt viele von uns, von zu Hause aus zu arbeiten. Zu erreichen in 2023-11-14
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