FallstudienApril 30, 2020
Wie Shared VR zum Wiederaufbau eines Wasseraufbereitungszentrums verwendet wurde – mit potenziellen Einsparungen von bis zu £300,000
Wessex Water has been working on the reconstruction of Durleigh Water Centre. The £50m project is it’s first to be delivered to BIM Level 2 – and the use of an Igloo Shared VR cylinder...
FallstudienNovember 19, 2019
Ein Einblick in Mortenson-McCarthys 1,9 Milliarden US-Dollar teures Raiders-Stadion in Las Vegas
The $1.9 billion Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas will showcase some of the most high-impact, fan-centered amenities ever found in an NFL stadium. The soon-to-be home of Raiders football will sport a sleek black glass...
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FallstudienOktober 27, 2019
Durleigh Water Treatment Works – Iglu unterstützt die Koordination von Aecom
Client: Wessex Water Lead Contractor: Wessex Engineering and Construction Services BIM Tools: Revizto, Igloo Shared VR cylinder, Revit, Plant 3D A major upgrade to the treatment works, located near Bridgewater in Somerset, will triple capacity...
FallstudienMai 16, 2019
Integration von Feldteams in VDC-Bemühungen mithilfe von Revizto
Hill & Wilkinson is a $400m General Contractor in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. The firm has broad diversity in the markets they serve and dedicated divisions that tailor their services for specific project types....
FallstudienMai 6, 2019
Durch die gemeinsame Nutzung von Daten kann McCarthy das St. Louis Aquarium Design bereitstellen
General Contractor McCarthy Building Cos. turned to new technology tools to help with the delivery of the St. Louis Aquarium, a $45-million, 120,000-sq-ft, two-story facility located inside St. Louis Union Station. Originally built in 1894,...
FallstudienFebruar 5, 2019
Revizto hat die Qualität unserer Modelle verbessert und die Teamkommunikation verbessert
A Dutch firm Ingenieursburo Linssen is an influential build force, recognized on the Netherlands AEC stage from their innovative designs and advising on technical installations. From their office in Amsterdam, they advise on projects throughout...
FallstudienDezember 19, 2018
Zusammenführung von Designtechnologien zu einem schnellen Transitprojekt in der schnell wachsenden Region Seattle
Unique, nontraditional, and highly coordinated BIM process helps Sound Transit’s new Operations and Maintenance Facility take shape Transit options in large metropolitan areas are in a race to expand to accommodate their growing populations. In...
FallstudienJuli 19, 2018
Bei BIM geht es um Zusammenarbeit, und Revizto hilft dabei
From large-scale public infrastructure and technical production facilities to buildings and urban planning, Denmark’s NIRAS helps shape the communities of tomorrow with their 60+ years of experience and thousands of ongoing projects around the world....
FallstudienFebruar 24, 2015
Wie Revizto White Arkitekter Pioneer Interactive Visualization auf dem schwedischen Markt half
Have you ever dreamed of a magic tool that, once applied to your workflow, would become a real competitive virtue? It appears that Revizto could be such a tool. According to Steven Rowland from a...