Bei BIM geht es um Zusammenarbeit, und Revizto hilft dabei

FallstudienJuly 19, 2018
From large-scale public infrastructure and technical production facilities to buildings and urban planning, Denmark’s NIRAS helps shape the communities of tomorrow with their 60+ years of experience and thousands of ongoing projects around the world.

Landing at Copenhagen Airport is an excellent introduction to NIRAS and what they do, passing the offshore wind farm in the Oresund, the Metro station at the airport or driving into town skirting Amager Beach Park. NIRAS has played an integral part in all of these projects. By continuing the sightseeing tour through the rest of Denmark, to Sweden and Norway, you would encounter numerous other buildings and technical facilities to which NIRAS can proudly say “We contributed”.

At Niras, they are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of their building processes. As BIM projects become more complex and now involve many participants from various disciplines, one challenge NIRAS’ BIM team has faced is the lack of timely communication and collaboration during projects. That is where Revizto came into play - an Integrated Collaboration Platform to help them take their BIM projects to the next level and enhance team collaboration.

Salman Pey, Head of BIM at NIRAS, has been a pleasure to work with as Niras adopted and implement Revizto across their offices. We’re proud and excited to see the continued growth and the significant impact Revizto is having on all involved.
Bei BIM geht es um Zusammenarbeit, und Revizto hilft dabei Von großen öffentlichen Infrastrukturen und technischen Produktionsanlagen bis hin zu Gebäuden und Stadtplanung hilft Dänemarks NIRAS bei der Gestaltung der Gemeinden von 2018-07-19
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