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What would you do with 2-4 hours of extra time each week? – ATKINS’ Chris Harman

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Chris Harman has spent upwards of 20 years as a Civil Engineer with extensive experience as a consultant and designing major civil infrastructure projects.

For the past 10 years, he has been a part of ATKINS, and is the Technical Director, Digital Engineering, responsible for design technology support, training, engagement, and design delivery advancements for our US business. He supports a full range of design disciplines in the AEC market and is still active as a BIM Manager/Information Manager/Delivery Director on projects and delivery where the client requirements or delivery environments are complex.

Simple access is not enough.

Chris is constantly working on complex, multifaceted projects that involve numerous stakeholders. Naturally, we wanted to hear about some of his pre-Revizto challenges.

  • Difficult for the project team to gain access to the latest plans.
  • Project team struggled to see the whole project in 3D. 
  • Issues were managed separately between disciplines and not tracked and resolved centrally.

Atkins is one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies. We build long-term trusted partnerships to create a world where lives are enriched through the implementation of our ideas. ATKINS was 3rd in the top 225 International Design Firms (ENR 2018).


Simply central.

Hearing from someone like Chris is incredibly valuable to the Revizto team. Industry leaders like him are able to view problems across a project holistically. With that, we wanted to hear a bit more about how Revizto has helped his team. Here are the top 3 things he likes most about Revizto. 

  • All our 3D models and 2D plans exist in a single place, accessible to everyone. 
  • Design progression coordination occurs in a central location, reducing errors. 
  • Action items and to-dos are managed centrally, reducing downtime and improving efficiency in work-share across regions.

An hour saved is an hour gained. 

Calculating a numerical return can often be tough with software. However, Chris does not feel that way at all.

Chris stated that his discipline leads report a savings of 2-4 hours per week in time not spent finding plan PDF’s, marking them up, and chasing revisions through email. His central design delivery office reports a similar 2-4 hours per discipline per week in time not lost in downtime due to lack of communication across time-zones.

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What would you do with 2-4 hours of extra time each week? – ATKINS’ Chris Harman In an industry that has collectively been a bit slower to adapt and truly embrace the digital age, we are lucky to have people like David Foley. 2021-11-30
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