Case Studies October 01, 2020
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A BIMspirational Woman – AECOM Tishman’s Kirsten Crock

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Revizto Champion AECOM Tishman

Kirsten Crock knows a few things about leveraging technology to execute large scale projects.

Throughout the past 10-years, Kirsten has been an Architectural Designer and BIM Manager, and is currently the Design Technology Coordinator for AECOM Tishman.

Since being founded in 1898, AECOM Tishman has led the construction of many of the world’s most iconic buildings that make up the skylines around the globe. AECOM Tishman, as well as Kirsten, understand the unique challenges associated with delivering complex projects and the importance of leveraging the most innovative solutions and methods to guarantee the success of their projects.

Our team of experts work in partnership with owners, design teams, and community stakeholders on every project aspect – from preconstruction to turnover – to collaboratively develop and implement optimal plans for safe, efficient, and flawless execution.

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To date, AECOM Tishman has built more than 600 million square feet – from luxury residential buildings to mega-developments, first-class hotels to top-rated hospitals, historic renovations that preserve history to state-of-the-art skyscrapers that shape neighborhoods. The AECOM Tishman legacy is one that is even stronger today as we continue to construct buildings that define city skylines. (

AECOM Tishman has been constructing the world’s most iconic buildings for over 120 years, including 30 Hudson Yards featured above. (Photo: New York Post)

Collaboration should save time, not waste it.

Kirsten has experience working on large scale mixed-use high-rises including retail, office, podium and landscape projects, and extensive knowledge and execution of BIM practices on a variety of scales and project phases; from curtain wall design and construction, lobby and mixed-use interiors, to landscape schemes. 

She has leveraged Revizto as an Integrated Collaboration Platform (ICP) throughout the project lifecycle on various project types including airport, commercial, education, infrastructure, residential, and hotels and hospitality. With her expertise in BIM and extensive use of Revizto, we thought she would be a perfect person to hear from regarding our platform. 

In her Revizto Champions survey we asked her about the ROI that her team has experienced with using Revizto, she stated – 

Revizto helps with time savings and reduction of hours coordinating the resolution of issues all while documenting the decision.

Kirsten Crock
Design Technology Coordinator
AECOM Tishman

Many of the challenges that Kirsten dealt with before using Revizto are common across the variety of firms Revizto works with. Here are some of the major pain-points she was dealing with prior to leveraging Revizto as her Integrated Collaboration Platform (ICP):

1. RFI Tracking and Escalation of Issues
2. Clash detection and assignments/ownership of issues
3. Transparency of coordination issues across teams

From Challenge to Point of Advantage

Revizto helped Kirsten turn many of these challenges into advantages that help her team better execute projects by centralizing all data into a single hub for real-time field information.

Here are her favorite aspects of Revizto so far:

  1. More rapid and thorough communication among teams
  2. Easily accessible history or clash resolution and design issue decisions
  3. Quickly digestible graphics/logs of the status of coordination; from project-wide to floor to specific areas of interest
  4. The efficiency of categorizing/filtering and assigning issues to members – extreme time saver
  5. Accountability of recorded responses and decisions made via the program and live within coordination meetings

Calculating an ROI with an ICP 

Many firms that Revizto works with, similar to Kirsten at AECOM Tishman, have created their own unique ROI calculation to determine the return. One of the common methods we hear about is understanding the number of issues identified with Revizto and associating a time-to-fix and an average dollar amount per issue. 

Number of Issues x Average Cost per issue (based on hours to fix and hourly rate) = ROI

Even as a relatively conservative calculation, firms had expressed savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single project and essentially paying for itself within hours of using it.

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A BIMspirational Woman – AECOM Tishman’s Kirsten Crock Throughout the past 10-years, Kirsten has been an Architectural Designer and BIM Manager, and is currently the Design Technology Coordinator for AECOM Tishman. 2023-11-14
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