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Technology Adoption is a Lifestyle: Jonathan Marsh

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Revizto Champion SteelToe Consulting

A true champion of technology. 

For over two decades, Jonathan Marsh has been an innovator in the AEC Industry. An industry commonly labelled as “a step behind” with regards to technology, Jonathan has not just been committed to technology but has been a true champion of it’s adoption – from BIM to modular fabrication.

Steel Toe Consulting specializes in technology consulting that bridges the gap between virtual design and the realities of manufacturing and construction. Specializing in MEP trades, STC draws upon industry experts and years of experience to both select and implement the construction technologies that best fit the way you want to build and reflect the best practices for the types of projects you take on. 

Previous to founding Steel Toe Consulting, Jonathan led as the CTO / Division Manager of Virtual Design and Construction for Wm. T. Spaeder for over 12 years. 

“By focusing on the people, processes and procedures needed for successful technology adoption, I’ve built an impressive track record for successful technology implementations in areas such as reality capture, digital layout, mobile / MDM, virtual reality, fabrication technologies, and cloud collaboration.”

Jonathan Marsh
CEO \ Construction Technologist
Steel Toe Consulting

His extensive project experience has included but not limited to commercial, infrastructure, medical / healthcare, hotels and hospitality. As a true champion of technology and Revizto, we sat down with Jonathan to hear about the good, bad, and ugly of project collaboration. 

Integrated Collaboration for the Win

Throughout his over two decades in the industry, Jonathan has continuously seen deadlines get tighter, and budgets get slimmer, while projects and teams continually get more complex. By being an early adopter of technology, Jonathan has been able to see returns of the new technologies. Specific to Revizto, Jonathan has been leveraging Revizto as his Integrated Collaboration Platform for years.

Many of the challenges and pain-points that Jonathan dealt with prior to using Revizto are common across verticals and project types.

Here were his top five:

  1. Issue Accountability 
  2. Drawing and Model Clarity 
  3. Hub for Field Information 
  4. Dimensional Information to the Field 
  5. Point Cloud Information to the Field

Recently, Jonathan co-hosted a webinar alongside Revizto, “Using Revizto to Educate Across Teams.” See the full recording


Revizto helped Jonathan turn many of these challenges into competitive advantages. Revizto enables teams to drive instant accountability for issue management. It centralizes all data into a single hub for real-time field information and provides accurate, actionable drawings and models.

Accessing needed information, specifically in the field, is directly attached to project timelines. Revizto makes dimensional, point cloud, and all other information easily accessible to field team members from any device. By eliminating information bottlenecks in the field, team members can get the necessary information fast, and be confident that the information they are looking at us updated from across teams.

As technology can often take time to implement and see the return, when asked about his ROI with Revizto, Jonathan stated –

“I would point to a drastic reduction in number and length of coordination meetings, and the elimination of almost all onsite coordination meetings. I estimate the time savings at two weeks 80 hours per coordinator (3) on around a 3 Mil Mechanical job.” 

Jonathan Marsh

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Technology Adoption is a Lifestyle: Jonathan Marsh As an AEC industry veteran and consultant, he shares some common challenges he sees industry players face, his history with Revizto, and how Revizto solved them. 2023-11-14
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