New Revizto update is here … and it’s Big!

NewsFebruary 14, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce that a new Revizto update is out and now available for download from our website!

The new update for Revizto 4 does include some significant additions and improvements. 360 degree photo support, more options for project settings and new cool measure tools are just some of the new things that you’ll get when you install this update, and hopefully enjoy!

All enhancements in Revizto update include:

  • 360 degree photo support in Issue Tracker attachments
    Attach 360 degree photo to an issue and view it right in Revizto in 360 mode or in gyroscope mode on iPad.
  • Import/Export project settings
    Copy settings like project permissions, stamp templates, issue tags and other between projects in just a couple of clicks.
  • New measurement tools:
    • Spot Coordinate: displays the coordinates and the elevation of a selected point.
    • Spot Slope: displays the slope at a specific point on a face or an edge of a model element.
  • Point cloud optimizations and improvements
  • Ability to add markups to 2D stamps

We hope you’ll love this new version and invite you to explore its new capabilities right away!