Revizto 4.10 with BIM 360 Integration is now live!

NewsSeptember 20, 2019

With this new Revizto 4.10 release we are happy to bring BIM 360 integration added to the Revizto Documents, that many of our users asked for!

Now the Revizto Documents provides direct access to project files stored on all major CDEs - Box, Procore and now BIM 360, so users can work with their live documentation seamlessly from inside Revizto.

Full release Revizto 4.10 includes:

  • Integration with BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Team for Revizto Documents. It includes the ability to browse BIM 360 hosted files within Revizto, attach them to issues, convert hosted PDFs to sheets, make selected documents available offline for on-site work

If you want to learn more about Revizto Documents, please see this recording of our recent webinar explaining 'Revizto CDE Documents Integrations' in every detail.

We hope you’ll love Revizto 4.10 and invite you to explore it right away!