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Designing Education with Technology: An Outside Perspective (Part 2)

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Brett Settles, Global Director of Customer Success

Eamonn (Manager of Product Design at Flight Safety International) sits down with Brett.

Welcome back to the Revizto Blog! This week the written part is going to be real short as I want the focus to be on the conversation and the understanding that we in AEC are not alone in our difficulties deploying technology. This is Part 2 in the series – Check Out Part 1

In many ways there is a huge psychological aspect to success in implementation and while I think we all know that, it’s always great to hear that this affects all operations and many of the challenges are similar and we as an industry can learn from others as we have done in the past with many other aspects of what we do in our daily lives.

Eamonn currently serves as Manager of Product Design at Flight Safety International. He is closing in on his Doctorate of Philosophy, focusing on Educational and Instructional Media Design.

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Brett Settles

Brett is the Global Head of Customer Success at Revizto and a BIM/VCD technology expert. He started his career in BIM and 3D technology as an Autodesk Reseller for the Midwest. As a 16-year industry veteran, he spent 8 years as an engineer and was previously a Visualization and Civil consultant. Brett has been a leader and agent of change for construction technology, specifically BIM/VDC for the past 16 years and successfully implemented some of the industry’s most innovative solutions and methods for AEC firm of all sizes around the world.

Designing Education with Technology: An Outside Perspective (Part 2) When we think of the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry, we often think that many of our problems are unique to us. However, there are many challenges that we face that other industries also struggle with too. I always love having conversations with technology-focused individuals from other industries to see what they are up to, how they have tackled issues and to think about how feasible it is to follow in their footsteps.  2023-11-14
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